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IVFAustralia has partnered with local specialists to bring the latest assisted reproductive technology to Dubbo and the surrounding community.

The majority of your treatment will be undertaken locally, carefully managed by a local Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr Ajith Samaratunga in consultation with IVFAustralia's Fertility Specialist, Dr Ujvala Rao.

Local specialist Drs Samaratunga assesses the couple and makes the initial diagnosis. This is then followed up with a Zoom video-consultation in the convenience of your own home with Dr Ujvala Rao, IVFAustralia, to create a personalised treatment plan giving you the best chance of conception.

All of the preliminary work up is managed locally, including blood and ultrasound monitoring of follicular development. Travel to Sydney is only needed for the individual procedures of egg collection and embryo transfer. Between `times, Dr Samaratunga will support patients from initial diagnosis until the pregnancy test.

Patients will only need to travel to Sydney for three to four days for the egg collection, fertilisation and embryo transfer.



Fertility Assessments

A fertility specialist will assess your overall reproductive health and conduct some simple tests to identify any existing reproductive conditions and discuss different treatment options available to you.

Fertility treatments

We offer a wide variety of fertility treatments from the simple to the most complex including ovulation inductionartificial inseminationin-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Genetic testing

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is a technique that can be used to test embryos before implantation for either a known genetic condition or chromosomal variation.

Donor program

We offer a comprehensive and supportive donor programme to assist anyone needing donor eggs, sperm or embryos; or a surrogate to help them have a baby.

Fertility preservation

We offer a fertility preservation service to protect and preserve your fertility for the future including egg, sperm and embryo freezing.

Advanced scientific techniques

We offer some advanced scientific techniques that can be used in addition to IVF treatment, such as assisted hatching, polscope & digital high magnification of sperm to improve your chances of conceiving.

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Fertility Doctors in Dubbo

Dr Ujvala Rao

Bsc (Med) MB BS MMed

RANZCOG accredited obstetrician and gynaecologist

RACGP accredited general practitioner

Warm, Experienced and Empathic

Dr Rao brings her breadth of clinical and academic experience to provide her patients personalised and compassionate care.