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    IVF Payment Plans

    We provide a range of payment options to suit your individual needs for your treatment journey.

    Our aim is to provide supportive pathways to help you navigate the finances for treatment whether it be through a staged approach, a finance provider, full upfront or a personalised payment plan. 

    Our team are here to help you navigate the finances and ensure you find the best payment option and plan that suits you.

IVF Payment Plans

Our payment options

Delayed payment with minimum time out-of-pocket

This option allows you to pay for IVF treatment the day before the egg collection procedure, giving you extra time to make payment rather than paying before starting your treatment. It also reduces the time between your out-of-pocket costs and receiving any eligible Medicare rebates – ensuring your time out of pocket is kept to minimum of 5-7 days. 

This option is eligible for our patients who provide credit card authorisation through our portal via Westpac. With authorisation completed prior, this will be how payment is taken the day before egg collection. 

Delayed payment is an option only available for Medicare-eligible treatment. If you are not eligible for Medicare rebates, payment will need to be made in full on the day you commence fertility treatment.

Pay later options:

ZIP Money

We have partnered with Zip Money to make it possible for you to spread the cost of fertility treatment.  Zip Money offers a fast option for you to get started with your fertility treatment now and work through the finances over time. With a 12 or 24-month interest-free period and flexible payment options, you can choose what works for you.

While Zip Money is a quick and easy process, you will first need to see one of our fertility specialists to receive a quote for treatment.

Applying for Zip Money is a simple 3-step process:

2. Receive a cost estimate from the specialist

Following your consultation, an individualised plan will be prepared and a meeting will be arranged with the IVFAustralia administration team for you to discuss the costs.

Personalised, flexible financial IVF payment plans

We understand how difficult it can be to undergo fertility treatment and also have to consider the finances. Talk to our team today if you want to understand what a personalised payment plan could look like for you. We are here to help. 

Accessing superannuation

There are options should you wish to access your superannuation to support getting started with your treatment. IVFAustralia works with both Access my Super and Supercare to do this.

Accessing your Superannuation for fertility treatment is an individual choice.  SuperCare and Access my Super are external services providers which assists both individuals and their families in accessing superannuation to cover medical costs.

They can facilitate funding required for various fertility treatments, including:


Private Health funds

Some private health insurers and policies may cover medical costs for some aspects of your fertility treatment. This may support the costs for any day hospital surgery fees you may have during your treatment. This will depend on whether you have the cover for IVF treatment, and the level of cover can differ. We recommend you speak with your health fund to find out the details that apply to you. 

If you are unsure and need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our patient support team. 

Simply fill out the form below, or call 1800 111 483.


IVFAustralia is proud to offer a wide range of payment options for fertility treatment. Find out more about IVF costs here.