Online IVF consultation

We understand the strains and uncertainties of the current Covid crisis, particularly at a time when you are trying to start or continue your family.

Our specialists are available to talk to you.  If you already have a specialist, contact their secretary and our specialists will be pleased to talk to you about the current situation.

Online consultations available with:

  • All of our doctors are consulting.  We are offering secure medical appointments by Zoom.  We are here to talk to you, to provide medical advice and make plans for the future with you, all in the privacy and the safety of your own home.   
  • Our counselling team is here to provide you with ongoing counselling and support.  If you have agreed a cycle plan with your doctor and are finding the delay stressful, our counselling team is here to provide you with free support.
  • If any of our patients are short of time and do need to continue with simple treatments, such as using fertility drugs, artificial insemination or transfer of a frozen embryo, we can still do this.  Just talk to your doctor and your nursing team.

Medicare now funds telehealth consultations, so check with your fertility specialist first to find out what you’re eligible for.

You will need a valid referral from a GP. Our specialists use Zoom technology. This can be done with your phone but the best experience is through a tablet or computer.

To request a phone or video consult please call 1800 111 483 or complete the form below.

How to use Fertility Link online consultations