Endocrinology & Endocrine System

Virtus Health Specialist Diagnostics currently performs over 250,000 analyses each year.

This is where we analyse hormone, serology and virology blood tests for all our patients, and with dedicated scientists using the very latest equipment, we are able to return results to your fertility specialist highly efficiently.

Our laboratory provides the following tests, and new tests are being added to the service all the time:

  • Hormones: FSH, LH, Estradiol, Progesterone, HCG, Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, FAI, DHEAS, Prolactin, Vitamin D, Free T4 and TSH and more...
  • Serological testing: Hepatitis BsAg, HCV, HIV, Rubella, Varicella, Syphilis, Anti-sperm Antibodies, Chlamydia tr.
  • Nucleic acid tests: Chlamydia tr. RNA, N. gonorrhoea RNA
  • Tumour Marker: CA125
  • Specialist tests: AMH blood test

We also refer specimens to major international laboratories for genetic testing in early pregnancy (NIPT) and endometrial receptivity testing (ERA). Our sister labs interstate also handle testing for karyotyping, cystic fibrosis, AZF/DAZ gene deletions and Fragile X.