Regional IVF Consultation

Consult with a fertility specialist online via phone or video conference.

Australians in regional New South Wales now have better access to highly specialised fertility care.

Using telehealth, patients in remote and rural areas can have a phone or video consultation with IVFAustralia’s leading fertility specialists.

This service aims to improve access to fertility care and reduce the travel time and expenses for regional patients.

If you are having trouble conceiving a fertility specialist can assess your situation and help you understand the cause of pregnancy delay. If you require fertility treatment you may be able to have some of your treatment conducted locally and only travel to Sydney or Canberra for assisted reproductive procedures such as egg collection and embryo transfer.

Medicare funds some telehealth, but only if it is between a patient and a specialist and you are in an eligible geographical area. Check eligible service areas here.

You will need a valid referral from a GP. For video conferencing you will need a suitable computer and internet connection.

Please note that depending on your situation a specialist may advise you of the need for a face-to-face consultation.

To request a phone or video consult please call 1800 111 483.

Fertility Care In Newcastle

Our sister clinic Hunter IVF is located in the grounds of John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. Here you can have consultations with local fertility specialists and if necessary receive all of your fertility treatment in one convenient location. 

Fertility Care In Dubbo

In Dubbo we have partnered with local specialists to bring advanced reproductive technology and fertility care to the community and surrounding areas. In doing so patients can have a face-to-face consult and the majority of their treatment conducted locally. Dr Ajith Samaratunga is an experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who will develop a treatment plan for you in consultation with Dr Ujvala Rao (Fertility Specialist, IVFAustralia).

Fertility Care In Wollongong

For the Wollongong and Illawara community we have a local consultation and monitoring clinic providing a comprehensive range of fertility treatments and services. Our local fertility specialist Dr Elizabeth Maxwell is available for face-to-face consults and Zoom consults and you will only need to travel to Sydney for egg collection and embryo transfer procedures.