Leading Science

At IVFAustralia, our goal is to provide the framework for a standard Virtus laboratory methodology to the highest international standard in embryology across every embryology lab. This framework will ensure, enabling us to benchmark and improve upon these results for our patients, ultimately contributing to our success rates.

Offering you the best chance of having a baby

The IVFAustralia science team includes more than 50 scientists working in embryology, andrology and pathology. Our in-house laboratories provide embryology and andrology diagnostic services, so you can receive almost all your treatments and testing in one convenient location.

Managing the science behind our success rates

Dr Simon Cooke is the Scientific Director of IVF Australia and is responsible for all of our laboratories in NSW. He has worked in and managed andrology and embryology laboratories for 20 years, and ensures new and emerging techniques are applied to our clinical embryology and andrology services to continually improve outcomes for our patients.