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Reassurance and care throughout your treatment

Your IVFAustralia Fertility Nurse provides constant support and day-to-day advice throughout the highs and lows of your fertility treatment. Often, a special relationship develops, and they will enjoy nothing more than giving you the good news of your pregnancy.

You’ll get to know your primary nurse very well. They’ll be the first person you see after meeting your specialists for the first time, they’re always available to answer your questions, and they’ll take your blood tests and perform your ultrasounds.

The small nursing team at your clinic will:

  • Provide you with information about your treatment
  • Take your blood for hormone tests
  • Perform your ultrasounds
  • Liaise with your specialist to confirm the next steps in your treatment
  • Refer you to a counsellor if you need more support
  • Follow up on your egg collection and embryo transfer
  • Perform insemination procedures, if required
  • Take your pregnancy test

If your Fertility Specialist is also your obstetrician, your IVFAustralia nurse can continue to care for you throughout your pregnancy, sometimes even during delivery.

IVFAustralia has a team of 58 nurses in our 12 clinics throughout Sydney and the Central Coast. They are all experienced midwives or have an extensive women’s health background, and when they join us they undergo rigorous training in venepuncture, ultrasound and insemination.

They also assist with various research projects and controlled trials, and we have qualified nurses dedicated to our donor programme and PGT.

Coordinating an experienced and compassionate approach to your care

As IVFAustralia's Director of Nursing, Jo Blake brings a wealth of experience owing to her extensive background in midwifery and infertility nursing.

Prior to working with IVFAustralia, Jo practised Midwifery for over 20 years at various large hospitals across Sydney specialising in ante natal assessment of at risk women. Jo commenced working with IVFAustralia in 2005, initially working with Dr Robert Lahoud as his specialist nurse then moving into the role of Unit Nurse Manager at IVFAustralia Westmead in 2011.

Jo was appointed Director Patient Services in 2015 and now adds to her responsibilities IVFAustralia’s Director of Nursing.

Jo works very closely with IVFAustralia’s Medical Director, Associate Professor Peter Illingworth, to consolidate protocols across all of the clinics and integrate nursing procedures into clinical practice.

Personal care throughout your treatment

You'll have a small, well-trained team of nurses to care for you and provide continuity of care throughout your treatment.

Our nurses are here to answer your questions, discuss concerns and liaise with your doctor. They will perform tests, scans and injections, and teach you how to administer your own injections at home. Your fertility nurse can also provide specific care throughout the early stages of pregnancy. Our nurses also guide you through the donor programme if you are undergoing treatment using donor sperm, eggs, embryos or utilising our surrogacy program.

Early pregnancy care

A specialist Early Pregnancy Care Nurse will monitor your early stages of pregnancy, especially if you have experienced a pregnancy loss, or are at risk of this occurring. This includes all necessary tests and monitoring, as well as liaising with your fertility specialist and providing advice. Available for you, seven days a week.

Our nurses are available to assist you seven days a week and begin their monitoring clinic at 7.00am Monday to Friday and 8.00am on both Saturday and Sunday.

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