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IVFAustralia’s leading group of fertility specialists, nurses, scientists and counsellors whose collective experience, research, advanced scientific care and collaborative team approach work together to deliver excellent success rates for our patients.

When you visit an IVFAustralia clinic, you’ll have access to some of the leading minds in fertility treatment as well as the latest assisted reproductive technology. Our fully integrated network of care means we take care of every step of your journey for you from initial assessment, diagnosis, fertility treatment, advanced scientific techniques and counselling support.

IVFAustralia is part of the Virtus Health group, giving patients access to a wide range of fertility expertise and resources. Other clinics that sit within the Virtus Health umbrella include Melbourne IVF, Queensland Fertility Group, Tas IVFVirtus Fertility Centre, Sims IVF and Rotunda IVF.

Our medical and scientific team has been responsible for the first IVF baby’s conception in each state (NSW 1983, VIC 1980, QLD 1984).To date, our doctors have been collectively responsible for the creation of over 60,000 Australians during the past 30 years, half of this country’s IVF conceived population.

Leading expertise and proven results

All of our fertility specialists originally trained in obstetrics and gynaecology, before dedicating their primary practice to the discipline of fertility treatment. They are trained to the highest possible level in this field, the majority of whom have achieved the Certificate of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI), and its worldwide equivalents.

Your specialist will undertake a thorough assessment of you and your partner’s fertility, before developing a personalised treatment plan that gives you the best opportunity to have a baby. They usually perform all of your procedures, including monitoring, egg collection and embryo transfers, and some of our specialists still provide obstetric services so they can continue to care for you throughout your pregnancy.

Our team of specialists are available Monday - Saturday, so you can receive treatment exactly when you need it in your cycle and there is always a doctor on call 24hours seven days/ week.

IVFAustralia’s advanced scientific techniques provide reassurance for all patients. We are seeing an increasing number of patients for whom we achieve success and a baby. We are particularly proud of the ground breaking research we undertake.  As a result, we can now offer to patients with particularly challenging fertility problems,  a range of novel techniques such as Digital High Magnification sperm selection to overcome severe male infertility; Oosight technology, the use of polarised light for egg selection; and Advanced Embryo selection using the latest genetic technology to assess and select the embryo with normal chromosome profiles and maximise your chance of pregnancy.

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Comprehensive personal care, conveniently located

Each of our specialists has a dedicated nursing team, who will be assigned to your care, undertaking the daily blood monitoring and ultrasound scans within the clinic for your convenience, and most importantly the personal support and counselling that you require.

The nursing team is available for appointments from 7.00am for your convenience.

You can have your tests and appointments at a clinic close to your home or work, with twelve to choose from in and around Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle. Surgical procedures can be carried out at one of our own specialist day hospitals in Greenwich, Westmead and Alexandria offering high levels of privacy and comfort.

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Advanced science and in-house diagnostics

IVFAustralia has multiple Embryology and Andrology departments across Sydney and the Central Coast, as well as an in-house pathology department.  All procedures, including Andrology (semen analysis) and Pathology (blood tests), IVF and ICSI, blastocyst culture freezing sperm, eggs and embryos (cryopreservation), are carried out in our laboratories. 

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Dedicated donor team

Our fertility specialists can offer you a wide range of options, such as using donor eggs, sperm or embryos. We operate the largest de-identified sperm donor program in NSW. 

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