Booking a semen analysis

It is essential to make an appointment, so that the semen sample can be analysed by the laboratory staff within one hour. A private room is available if you prefer to provide your sample at the clinic.

To arrange an appointment simply call the clinic that is most convenient to you. Please bring a request form from your GP or specialist to your appointment.

Semen analysis locations

Alexandria: Tuesday and Thursday – call 8372 3200

City: Tuesday and Friday and every second Wednesday – call 8346 6800

Dee Why: Every alternate Tuesday - call 9425 1678

Gosford: Every second Wednesday - call 4349 2000

Greenwich: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – call 9425 1678

Kogarah: Tuesday and Thursday – call 8567 6955

Newcastle: - call 4957 8515

Westmead: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning – call 8844 1550

Instructions for collecting your sample

  • Do not ejaculate (via intercourse or masturbation) for 2 days prior to providing the semen sample, but please ensure your last ejaculation was no longer than a week ago.
  • Do not pass urine during the half hour immediately prior to collecting the sample
  • Do not collect by withdraw from intercourse
  • Do not use oil-based lubricants or standard condoms, as they can kill sperm
  • Do not refrigerate or let your sample become hotter than body temperature
  • Use the sterile specimen container provided by the doctor or laboratory (or buy a sterile, 60ml container from the chemist)
  • Label the jar with your name, date of birth, and the time and date of collection
  • Collect the ENTIRE sample by masturbation, especially the first few drops
  • Check that the lid of the container is screwed on firmly, and placed in a speciment bag (or a plastic bag)
  • You or your partner can deliver it to the laboratory within ONE hour of collection if collected at home. Most men prefer to collect at home where the conditions are most favourable
  • If you live further than a hour's travel time away, it is possible to collect the sample at our clinic

Cost of a semen analysis

The cost of a semen analysis is approximately $150. Medicare will rebate approximately $43.75 if you bring an Andrology Request form from your GP or specialist to the appointment.