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5 February 2024

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Here’s when the Big Miracles cast had their ‘baby ready moment’

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You’ve followed their baby journeys intimately from your lounge room, you’ve seen them experience everything from moments of total heartache as they embarked on fertility treatment to unbridled joy (cradling their perfect newborns)– but what was the moment that kick started it all?

Was it becoming a doting (and completely clucky) aunt? Finding eyes for a family SUV instead of the sleek sports car with the lux tan leather interior? Or perhaps the desire to push a pram around your leafy neighbourhood got them good? And importantly, how was the moment celebrated? Did they take a ‘readymoon’ to celebrate their readiness with their partner?

Here’s the moments Sheila, Courtney and Amelia – featured in Big Miracles Season 1 - knew they were ready to start trying for a baby.

Amelia Big Miracles


What was your ‘ready’ moment?

Our ‘ready’ moment was quite traditional and sequential in a sense. We agreed that we would start trying as soon as we got married.

How did it feel to realise you were ready for a baby?

It was exciting knowing that we were ready to take that next step as a couple and as individuals. We had been together for over six years and spoke about starting a family often. Knowing we were both ready to become parents added a new layer of excitement and anticipation into our relationship.

Did you celebrate in any way once you realised you were ready?

For us, things were all wrapped in the ‘newlywed’ bubble we were in. We did celebrate in our own way; we enjoyed a European summer holiday which we hoped would also result in conceiving. I definitely think these moments should be celebrated. It’s a big deal, an extremely exciting moment. We would definitely do something special again.

Did you take any action once you decided you were ready?

We both saw our GP and made sure we were up to date with our health and vaccinations. Some general health tests were done (bloods) but no fertility assessments. At that point in time, we assumed conceiving would be easy. We didn’t make any real big changes to our diet, which in hindsight wasn’t the best approach.

Looking back, did you feel you had all the information you needed to embark on your journey to conceiving?

Absolutely not. It may sound naïve, but we actually had no idea how conceiving really worked. We weren’t truly aware that timing was everything, and there is only a small window every month, and how important my cycle was in the whole process. They don’t teach you the inner workings of conceiving in school, our parents definitely didn’t give us this education, and it’s not something that you discuss with your friends until after you have collective experiences. Google definitely provided a lot of education when things weren’t happening as we thought they should.

Courtney Big Miracles


What was your ‘ready’ moment?

It's hard for me to pinpoint an exact moment that I thought ‘I am ready’. I've always felt quite maternal. When leaving school, I had a strong desire to be with kids, I didn't feel 'ready' to have kids of my own – for me, at 18 years old there were other things front of mind, such as travelling the world, going on big adventures, frolicking across sticky nightclub dancefloors. So instead of settling down and starting my own family, I started my career in childcare, working across a variety of different centres with a beautiful mix of kids. Working with these kids absolutely reassured me that I wanted to create a family of my own one day. I was - and still am - so fascinated by their curious minds and big hearts. 

It got to a moment in time for me when I really felt 'ready' to seek help and reach out to IVF Australia. After years of trying for our baby with no luck, time slapped me in the face. Somehow my friends were onto being pregnant with their second babies and we were still struggling to conceive our first. 

It took a little longer for Woody to come around to feeling 'ready'. Fears from his past were holding him back from completely surrendering to the journey. But when he did, we were on! We were a few cycles deep into our ovulation induction journey, it was the night of our master interview for Big Miracles, Woody deeply opened up about his past and his future fears.

How did it feel to realise you were ready for a baby?

I remember such a vivid moment in one of our many home diaries. We were sitting on the beach, my period was due, we were about to start the medication, and I felt a big wave of anxiety come over me. We started questioning if we were ready to be parents, it finally started to feel so real. As excited as we were, we both felt scared too. We were comparing ourselves to others (as we all do), we questioned if we were financially 'ready'. At the end of the day, we both agreed that the deep love we shared was the most important thing for raising our baby. It felt so euphoric surrendering to the process, starting the medication and taking the next steps to get closer to meeting our big miracle! 

Did you celebrate in any way once you realised you were ready?

Yes, we booked a 'one last hurrah' trip as just Woody and I. We travelled the East Coast of Aus, celebrating with our friends and each other. Knowing we were one step closer to meeting our baby. It just so happened our sweet little baby surprised on our next cycle; the oxytocin was flowing!

Did you take any action once you decided you were ready?

Yes, we booked in to see our Dr for a fertility assessment. We underwent a number of tests to explore the reason why we were struggling to connect my egg and Woody’s sperm. I did this alongside taking the medication for ovulation induction. Woody and I had some breathwork training, this really helped us to connect as a couple and grounded us in some stressful situations.

Looking back, did you feel you had all the information you needed to embark on your journey to conceiving?

My oh my, I did not realise how little I knew about fertility and the reproductive process. My mind was blown after our first meeting with our Fertility Specialist. I also learnt so much more when watching the Big Miracles series, learning from the other couples on their journeys was such an eye opener. All babies truly are such Big Miracles.

Sheila Big Miracles


What was your ‘ready’ moment?

From the moment I first laid eyes on Tyson, I knew we had a connection that extended way beyond just a romantic interest; I knew that he was the man I wanted to build a family with. My readiness wasn't solely centred on the desire to have a baby; it was about wanting to create a family. During our second date, I revealed to Tyson that, at 38, I had frozen my eggs and that our path to parenthood would involve IVF. Thankfully, on that very date, he responded with unwavering commitment, and said to me "I'm definitely up for that." This marked my 'ready' moment, realising I had found a life partner willing to embark on this journey with me, not just for the immediate future, but for the commitment to building a family together.

How did it feel to realise you were ready for a baby?

The realisation that I was ready, evoked a range of emotions, which was only intensified by the awareness of my age—45, a time when conventional odds seemed stacked against me. I was so excited to have found Tyson, a man eager to create a family and navigate the complexities of IVF by my side. Simultaneously, trepidation and mixed emotions surfaced, given the daunting 1 to 2% chance of success due to my age. However, the strength of my partnership with Tyson and the unwavering support that IVF offered overshadowed the fears and uncertainties, giving us a sense of hope and determination to embark on this journey together.

Did you celebrate in any way once you realised you were ready?

Celebration, for us, took the form of booking our IVF appointment—a tangible step forward, aligning us with a proactive pursuit of our dream to become parents. The decision to forgo a traditional celebration was motivated by the urgency we felt, as each passing month diminished our chances. In retrospect, the celebration was embedded in the appointment itself.

Did you take any action once you decided you were ready?

Upon deciding we were ready, I took radical responsibility and action for my health and immersed myself in modalities that would help me on this journey. I changed my diet, sought guidance from a naturopath, underwent a detox, had regular blood tests, and scheduled an extensive fertility assessment. Recognising the time constraints, we wasted no time scheduling these appointments. We also confided in our close circle of family and friends that we were going on our IVF journey. Creating our support network proved invaluable during challenging moments. Infertility can be isolating, and having the unwavering support of loved ones became an indispensable part of our journey, reinforcing the belief that we weren't alone on this path.

Looking back, did you feel you had all the information you needed to embark on your journey to conceiving?

Reflecting on our journey, I believe we were equipped with ample information from IVF Australia, supplemented by me immersing myself in many podcasts, articles, and books on later age fertility. This wealth of knowledge empowered me to make informed decisions. I also recognised the need to surrender to the unknown, acknowledging that certain aspects were beyond my control. The wealth of information from many sources, support from IVF Australia, and a resilient mindset, allowed us to propel forward quickly on our unique path to conception.

So, there you have it – three ready moments, all different from the next. If you’ve had your moment and are ready celebrate with advice from a fertility specialist, you can book an initial consult below to get started. Remember, we’re ready when you are.

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