Big Miracles

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Deciding to start a family is one of life’s most important milestones and sometimes pregnancy seems impossible. Follow the emotionally powerful journeys of eight brave and determined individuals and couples as they try to fall pregnant. 

Channel 9 will welcome season 2 in 2024. 

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Shown on Big Miracles: our world-class facilities

Filmed in Virtus Health fertility clinics, you can witness the miracle work of our very own IVF doctors, nurses and scientists trying to make dreams come true. In an Australian-first, Big Miracles captures the real-life IVF journeys of parents-to-be, and the devoted clinic staff who support them. It’s a remarkable story of hope, heartache, and triumph.

Trying for a baby can be complicated. Which is why we never stop trying.

Amelia and Andrew, Big Miracles

Increasing awareness of 1 in 6

Big Miracles showcases just how diverse, and how common it is, to require fertility support to help people grow their family. One in six Australian couples, in fact, will have trouble conceiving, and Virtus Health is proud that the documentary series was filmed in our clinics. The documentary encourages new conversations around fertility, and raises awareness of the often complex, emotional journey of starting a family. 

At IVFAustralia, our dedicated specialists are here to support you. If you’re ready to seek help, contact us today.

A Journey in the Name of Love

The journey to parenthood isn’t always an easy one and is often filled with high highs and low lows. An emotional roller coaster for both on-screen couples and interested viewers, Big Miracles highlights the joys and hardships that are the stark reality of the IVF journey.

This documentary series captures the candid moments of real Australian couples going through IVF and other fertility treatments, from the difficult beginnings to the rewarding endings. You’ll get an inside look into the complexities of fertility treatment, from seeing specialist pre-treatment consultations, strenuous trigger injections, the fateful egg collection and laboratory process.

There’s no other series documenting the IVF journey of Australian couples quite as real as Big Miracles. Read the episode summaries below. 

Big Miracles Episode Summaries

Episode 1

Courtney and husband Woody live in Sydney’s Gymea Bay. While they have been trying to conceive for the last two years, Courtney has irregular periods and fails to ovulate. The couple are trying a less invasive type of fertility treatment called ‘ovulation induction’.  

Amelia and husband Andrew have been together for ten years and trying for kids for five years. However, after around five years of constant disappointment, they are desperate for answers and seek the help of reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Manny Mangat.

We also meet Aimee and husband Ryan, who live in Walgett, central NSW. Aimee suffers from low egg count. On average, most women her age produce around 8-15 eggs per month, however Aimee produces around 3-6. Their treatment is made much harder because of the lack of fertility treatment services in country NSW.

Episode 2

In the second episode of Big Miracles, we continue to follow the journeys of Courtney and Woody as they try to fall pregnant through ovulation induction. Amelia and Andrew go through an IVF cycle, and Aimee and Ryan come that much closer to becoming a family.

A new and exciting journey enters the mix. Tennis champion and Paralympian Dylan Alcott and partner Chantelle Otten, an empowering sexologist, turn to egg freezing to preserve their future family plans.

Episode 3

This episode, we meet Sheila and Tyson. Having gotten engaged after only four months together, at the outset of their fertility journey, they’re faced with the most difficult fertility challenge, Sheila’s biological clock. Now 45, Sheila has 11 frozen eggs from when she was 38 years old. This instils the couple with optimism for their road ahead.

Continue to share in the emotional road to parenthood for couples Amelia and Andrew, plus Courtney and Woody face a rare diagnosis that impacts Courtney.

Episode 4

Samantha and Jason are from Western Sydney, and they’re longing to give their 7-month old daughter, Georgia, a sibling. Their IVF journey is time critical. Sam recently had surgery to reduce the effects of severe endometriosis, but the relief is temporary. Her optimum window of opportunity to fall pregnant is short – so they’re doing all they can, with the help of Dr Raewyn Teirney, to fall pregnant quickly.

Continue to follow the heartwarming and quirky couple, Courtney and Woody, as they come closer to their dream of parenthood. Sheila and Tyson face a new round of IVF and endeavor to stay positive as they grapple with the difficult realities of fertility treatment.

Episode 5

This episode, we meet Angus and Adam, who have been together for 19 years. As a same sex couple, they’re desperate to start a family through surrogacy. It’s a team effort - donor eggs from Adam’s sister, combined with Angus’ sperm, as well as surrogate Kate. Watch the emotional journey, as everyone comes together to help them achieve their dream.

Cancer survivor Katrina and her husband, Steve, are doing everything they can to have a baby – with the help of a revolutionary surgical procedure called an ‘ovarian tissue graft’. Incredibly, this new fertility method has revived Katrina’s ability to produce eggs following intensive chemotherapy.

Episode 6

Last week, we met Katrina and Steve. Doctors froze Katrina’s ovarian tissue prior to intensive chemotherapy, and now, with the help of A/Prof Kate Stern and IVF technology, Katrina can once again produce eggs. This episode, Katrina and Steve await news of their latest IVF cycle after an embryo has been transferred.

Angus and Adam are getting closer to starting their family, with the help of surrogate Kate. Kate and husband Daniel are no strangers to pregnancy and children, with five teenagers of their own. The two families come together as they approach the end – or beginning – of their journey.

Sheila and Tyson consider their options, while Samantha and Jason face a heartbreaking revelation on their journey to growing their family.

Episode 7

It’s the final episode in Season 1 of Big Miracles, which has followed eight brave and determined Australian couples and singles on their heartwarming, and often heartbreaking, journey to becoming parents.

Sam and Jason’s journey continues, as they turn to IVF in the hopes of having a second child. Katrina and Steve prepare to become parents, alongside intensive monitoring. It’s been a long and difficult journey, having gone through many IVF cycles and a revolutionary surgical procedure to recover her ability to produce eggs after chemotherapy.

Plus, catch up with the other couples on the show who have now started their new chapter of parenthood.

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More About IVF

IVF stands for in-vitro fertilisation and is a proven form of assisted reproductive technology. It is a complex series of procedures that involves the fertilisation of an egg with sperm in a specialised laboratory. The resulting embryo is then transferred to the uterus, where it can implant and grow. IVF has been used successfully for many years, helping thousands of couples achieve their dream of having a baby and becoming parents.

IVF can be used when other fertility treatments are not successful or if there is a medical condition that makes it difficult for the couple to conceive naturally. It is also often recommended for couples who have had multiple miscarriages.

IVF success rates vary from couple to couple, and many factors can affect the success rate of IVF, including the woman's age and fertility status, the quality of the eggs and the quailty of sperm. With our world-class science and continual investment in research and innovation, we’re proud of the success rates we achieve.

View our IVF success rates here.

The IVF process can be difficult emotionally, physically and even financially for patients. As such, it's important to have transparent pre-consultations outlining the costs of treatment, as well as experienced, supportive, and reliable fertility doctors to guide patients through the process. At IVFAustralia, we have teams of knowledgeable nurses, counsellors and scientists to provide patient support throughout every step.

As featured in Big Miracles:

Big Miracles FAQs

What is Channel 9 Big Miracles?

Channel 9 Big Miracles is a documentary series showcasing the IVF journey of real Australian couples. The show was filmed at Virtus Health fertility clinics and includes expert opinions from IVF doctors, specialists, and nurses.

What is the Channel 9 show about IVF?

Big Miracles is a docuseries about IVF currently airing on Channel 9. It captures the real experience of Australian couples on their journey to conceive.

What is the new show about IVF?

Big Miracle is the new show about IVF airing on Channel 9. Produced by Ronde Media at Virtus Health fertility clinics, this new show captures the reality of the IVF process for couples all over Australia.

Courtney and Woody, Big Miracles

If you're currently struggling to conceive or have been through fertility treatment in the past, we understand that this series might be emotionally triggering. If you're a current or past patient of IVFAustralia, we have counselling services available - call 1800 111 483 or contact us below to learn more.

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