Pre-implantation genetic testing with Karyomapping

What is pre-implantation genetic testing with Karyomapping?

Pre-implantation genetic testing with Karyomapping is a sophisticated technique that can test embryos for the presence of a single gene disorder.

This allows embryos that are not affected by a specific disorder to be selected for embryo transfer during an IVF cycle, preventing the condition from being passed on to any future children.

Who is Karyomapping suitable for?

Karyomapping is suitable for patients who are at an increased risk of having a child with an inherited genetic condition.

Karyomapping can test for a large number of single gene disorders including Huntingtons’ disease, Cystic fibrosis, Thalassaemia, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Fragile-X and BRCA1/BRCA2 (hereditary breast/ovarian cancer).

Single gene PGT is only possible where the exact gene mutation, causing the problem, has been identified.

There are some disorders where, although it is apparent from the family history that is cause is genetic, the exact gene is simply not known.

In this case, single gene PGT cannot help. Most couples with an identifiable single gene disorder will be able to have PGT with Karyomapping.

How does Karyomapping work?

We will do an early assessment to determine if Karyomapping is suitable for you. This involves an appointment with our genetics team, including our clinical geneticist and laboratory team.

The length of time taken for the assessment phase will depend on how much genetic information is already available. It is very important to bring as much information as you have to these visits including any test results and family history.

DNA samples are collected, usually via a simple blood or saliva test, from the couple as well as other family members.

Preliminary testing of these samples allows a unique DNA fingerprint of the faulty gene to be determined.

Analysis of the DNA samples will take 2 – 4 weeks and will establish whether Karyomapping is appropriate.

Then, as part of an IVF cycle, embryos are created and a few cells are removed from each embryo for analysis.

All embryos that are suitable will be frozen for later transfer to the woman.

By comparing the DNA fingerprint of the embryos biopsied to the DNA fingerprint of the family members we are able to determine with 98% accuracy, which embryos have inherited the disease and which are free of the disorder.

The results of the genetic testing will be available within 10 days of the biopsy being performed.

If there is an unaffected embryo available for transfer, this will be transferred back into the female’s uterus with a chance that it will produce a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

What is Karyomapping is not suitable for me?

Patients who are not suitable for Karyomapping, will still be able to undergo PGT for their single gene disorder, but they will have to use the traditional PCR methodology.

The PCR methodology requires the development of individual gene sequences that can be matched with the exact mutation that the parents are carrying.

The preparation of these individual gene sequences requires a further three to six months as well as additional costs.

If you have already paid for the Karyomapping assessment, this cost will be discounted from the total cost of your PCR gene sequence preparation.

Today most couples with a known hereditary condition can use the faster karyomapping technique.

How much does PGT with Karyomapping cost?

An IVF cycle with PGT has three components of cost:

  • The cost of the IVF cycle
  • The cost of the hospital stay
  • The cost of the PGT technology

At IVFAustralia the cost of PGT with Karyomapping for single gene disorders is $1642.80 for the preliminary evaluation plus $750 per embryo biopsied capped at $4500 for 6-10 and a further $450 per embryo after 10 from a single IVF cycle.

Medicare rebate may apply. 

If you have any questions about the cost of pre-implantation genetic testing with IVF Australia please phone 1800 111 483 or email us.

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Want more information about Karyomapping?

If you know or suspect that you have an inherited single gene disorder that you do not wish to pass on to your children please book an appointment with a fertility specialist or call 1800 111 483.

Appointments are available within the next couple of weeks and will cost approximately $150 for a couple after the Medicare rebate.

IVFAustralia helps patients throughout NSW and ACT. However, karyomapping is also available in QLD and VIC.