What is PolScope (Oosight Technology)?

PolScope or Oosight Technology is an advanced scientific technique that uses polarised light to study the genetic material in the egg and help identify which eggs may have a better chance of implanting. However, it is important to be aware that there are no randomised trials that suggest that use of polscope will directly improve the chance of a successful pregnancy from an IVF cycle.

Who is PolScope suitable for?

If you are of advanced maternal age or have had a previous unsuccessful IVF cycle, your fertility specialist may recommend using PolScope on your next cycle.

PolScope may also help with the ICSI process, as the scientist performing the procedure can see where the genetic material is located and avoid injecting through this spindle.

How much does PolScope cost?

PolScope will cost $400 in addition to the cost of an IVF/ICSI treatment cycle and is not covered by Medicare.

Find out more about PolScope

To find out more about PolScope or other advanced scientific techniques that may improve your chances of conceiving please come to a free information night or book an appointment with a fertility specialist.

Appointments are available within the next couple of weeks and will cost approximately $150 for a couple after the Medicare rebate.