Donor SibLinks

In response to enquiries from our patients, IVFAustralia has developed an information exchange system called Donor SibLinks. This system provides patients who have used our donor programs the potential opportunity to access more details about the number of families and children that have been conceived using the same donor.

Our aim is to provide information and possible links for individuals who have a genetic connection.

The service is only for past and present patients of IVFAustralia and their associated clinics.

Who can join?

  • IVFAustralia patients who were born from donor conception through IVFAustralia (NSW clinics only)
  • Recipient Parents

What will IVFAustralia do?

Provide information about:

  • The number of families/children created using the same donor, gender of offspring and their month and year of birth
  • If any half-siblings have contacted us and consented to have their email contact details exchanged between the siblings and their families.
  • If the donor has contacted us and provided updated non-identifying information about himself, this can be passed on
  • Provide counselling and support around finding further information or contacting genetic half-siblings and the impact this may have on you or your family

How to join

Email your details to our donor team, at: [email protected]

We will need your full name and date of birth, treating doctor and the clinic where treatment took place. It is also helpful to provide the donor code if you know it.

You can choose to simply receive any available information about related offspring. If you wish, you can join Donor SibLinks to connect with others who are related to the same donor.

One of the IVFAustralia counsellors will call you to answer any questions you may have and discuss the potential implications, as well as your expectations of making contact with others by joining the program.

If you are interested in making contact with any other offspring from your donor you will be asked to complete a consent form that allows us to release your email address to those who register.

After the exchange of email addresses, IVFAustralia will not be involved in any further communications between the parties.

You are able to contact IVFAustralia at any time and withdraw consent. Your details will then not be released to any further families who may contact us.

Please be aware that even though you have joined our Donor SibLinks program you may not be linked with anyone, as participation is entirely voluntary.

Contact us for more information...