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Dr Robert Lahoud


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Infertility & IVF / PCOS / Recurrent Miscarriage / Reproductive Endocrinology

Dr Lahoud is a fertility specialist renowned for his caring approach & bedside manner.

Rob is a fertility specialist with extensive clinical experience in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and is renowned for his caring approach and bedside manner.

Rob established a PCOS clinic at IVFAustralia for women of all ages, offering diagnosis, assessment and understanding of how to cope with the symptoms of PCOS while trying to start a family, as well as later in life when the condition can cause other health issues. He is also involved in POSSA, the patient support group for women dealing with PCOS.

Another key area of Rob's expertise is recurrent miscarriage, where he provides thorough follow-up care for patients. Rob wholeheartedly believes that simply providing a little extra TLC for a woman who has had previous miscarriages can have a huge positive effect on the next pregnancy.

He has more than ten years' experience as a gynaecologist, as well as qualifications in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI), a field he has worked in for over a decade, both in Australia and Europe. In his role as a clinical director for IVFAustralia, he also deals with general male and female infertility.

Rob is Clinical Director of IVFAustralia's Greenwich Clinic. He co-ordinates IVFAustralia’s Miscarriage Care Program, and is the Visiting Medical Officer at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. He is involved with teaching both medical students and registrars through the University of Sydney and Notre Dame, and is actively involved in ongoing research pertaining to infertility.

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