Prof Christos Venetis

A/Prof Christos Venetis


Caring, highly experienced & passionate.

/ PCOS / Recurrent implantation failure / Reduced ovarian reserve

Dedicated and caring, A/Prof Venetis is a highly regarded fertility specialist.

Christos is a highly experienced and internationally renowned fertility specialist, with a particular expertise in repeated implantation failure and poor ovarian response. He is known for his patient-focused approach and his attention to detail.

He was practising in Sydney until early 2023 and has now relocated to Greece. He is part of the IVFAustralia international team and can offer online consultations to patients. If you are interested in a consultation with Dr Venetis, please contact [email protected].

 Christos has an MD from the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. He also holds an MSc in Medical Research Methodology and an MSc in HealthCare Management.

Christos was awarded his PhD f for his work on the prognostic role of progesterone for the outcome of in-vitro fertilization cycles. This work has gained international recognition and has been instrumental in changing the clinical practice in most IVF clinics worldwide.

He has a clinical and research interest in ovarian stimulation, endometrial receptivity, evidence-based reproductive medicine and the health of mothers and babies after IVF.

Christos has developed over 115 scientific papers on Assisted Reproductive Technology in internationally renowned journals and several chapters in books. He has co-edited a textbook on “Recurrent Implantation Failure”, a topic he has a special interest in for years. He is also prominent in the field of fertility because of his research on the optimal way of managing patients with a low number of eggs after ovarian stimulation (women with reduced ovarian reserve). 

He is regularly invited as a speaker in national and international scientific meetings where he exchanges invaluable ideas and knowledge with other experts in the field on the optimisation of IVF outcome.

He is fluent in English and Greek.

Meet Dr Christos Venetis - Fertility Specialist