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Frankly Fertility 

Frankly Fertility is a series that focuses on the ins and out of all things fertility and how an IVF clinic can help you.

Dr Nikki Goldstein gets frank with our specialists who cover topics from the not so secret men’s business to the future of fertility innovations and supporting each other on the journey.

Fertility FAQ's

When it comes to fertility, specialists have heard all the questions under the sun so Dr Melissa Luckensmeyer answers the most common with Nikki Goldstein. 


It's important to take care of yourself during the fertility journey, so Fertility Counsellor Elise Atkinson tells Nikki Goldstein the best way to do so. 


Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women and acts as a common barrier to pregnancy. Dr David Molloy speaks with Nikki Goldstein around the common symptoms and treatment of the condition. 


As many as twenty five percent of women of childbearing age have PCOS, but most don’t even know that they have it until they begin trying to get pregnant.

Embryo Donation

You’ve heard of sperm donation, but what happens when you need an egg? Or an embryo? Dr Shadi Khashaba tells Nikki Goldstein what there is to know about the topic.

Genetic Testing Explained

Having a family is an exciting time, but – as with all the best things in life – there is always an element of risk. Prof Gavin Sacks speak with Dr Nikki goldstein to explain is involved in genetic testing.

How to tell someone you're going through fertility

Having fertility related conversations is difficult in any circumstance so our counsellor Elise Atkinson talks with Nikki Goldstein around how to tell friends, family and coworkers that you're going through fertility treatment.

Investigating Fertility

In video 1, Dr Joseph Sgroi talks openly about the causes of infertility and the steps you can take towards still achieving a pregnancy.

Male Infertility

It takes two to tango so Dr Hossam Elzeiny  talks with Nikki Goldstein about male infertility and what guys should know if they want to have a family.

Eggs on ice

You might have a top-shelf full of anti-aging products, but when it comes to fertility, Dr Raelia Lew talks about egg-freezing. 

Sperm Donation

Nikki Goldstein and Dr Melissa Cameron put the spotlight on sperm donation and discuss what the process involves.

Future of Fertility

Fertility treatment is an ever evolving science that is constantly advancing to help couples and individuals to have a family. Dr Nikki Goldstein speaks to Head of Fertility Preservation at Melbourne IVF, Professor Kate Stern, about what the future looks like.

Supporting each other

 One of the most important things you can do whilst undergoing fertility treatment is to seek support, Dr Jospeh Sgroi tells us more. 

If you are having difficulties conceiving, we recommend that you make an appointment to see one of our specialists.