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Moving IVF clinics

Transporting your eggs, sperm or embryos from another clinic

IVFAustralia can help arrange the transport of stored eggs, sperm or embryos from one clinic to another or internationally.

If you are currently looking to transfer your bio items from a different clinic, state or abroad to one of our IVFAustralia locations, the first step is to book an appointment with an IVFAustralia fertility specialist. They will review your treatment history, and discuss a new, highly personalised treatment plan to help you on your path to parenthood.

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Our team can then facilitate the transport of your eggs, sperm or embryos:

  • From another clinic within New South Wales
  • From another clinic outside of New South Wales
  • From another country

Any gametes created using a donor will need to meet the legislative requirements of Australia and New South Wales, including gametes for the purpose of surrogacy.

If gametes are being moved from a non-IVFAustralia clinic either interstate or from overseas, there will be a cost associated with transport.Your care team will discuss the process with you in detail prior to commencing treatment.

How do we transport the materials safely?

IVFAustralia partners with Cyroport, a leading transport service for sensitive biomaterials. Cryoport clean all their transport tanks before use (inside and out) and prime the tanks with liquid nitrogen.

Regional, interstate and international carriage also uses Cryoport's LIVEVIEW software that tracks position, temperature, opening, tilt and impact and transmits this by mobile data to the operation centre.

Insurance via Cryoport can also be obtained for your precious eggs, sperm or embryos.

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