7 February 2013

Watching Prolonged TV Can Lower Sperm Count

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Professor Michael Chapman, one of IVFAustralia’s most experienced fertility specialists, comments on the findings of a British study released this week.

He said: “The British Journal of Sports Medicine study found that men who do little exercise and spend much of their spare time watching TV have lower sperm counts than more active men.

“The study looked at 200 students in the United States, and found that clocking up more than 20 hours of TV viewing time a week is detrimental to sperm count.

“These findings are consistent with the notion that a lifestyle which includes exercise is good for you, and that goes for both men and women.

“The lower sperm count in men watching a lot of TV could be down to temperature, because we know that sperm prefer cooler conditions and production halts if the scrotum gets too hot.

“The other end of the spectrum is the deterioration we see in the sperm counts of men who exercise excessively, so my advice would be everything in moderation.”

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