10 October 2019

Virtus Health scientist leads a global approach to Polarised Light Microscopy’s bright future

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A scientist from IVFAustralia, a member of Virtus Health, last week trained an audience of IVF experts in Bangkok, Thailand in how to use a unique and non-invasive polarised light microscopy, a technology which is helping to provide answers in couples with repeated failed IVF cycles.

Dr Suha Kilani, a senior scientist at IVFAustralia, was invited as a world-recognised expert in Polarised Light Microscopy (PLM), to share her knowledge and to conduct a training workshop for more than 100 embryologists from both Thailand and Malaysia, using the Oosight® PLM system. 

Dr Kilani said IVFAustralia’s leading clinical research program has for some time now been focused on this sophisticated technology.

“Polarised light microscopy technology offers IVFAustralia fertility specialists the ability to gain insight to the quality of the oocytes, particularly in patients with poor embryo development,” said Dr Kilani.

“Using non-invasive polarised light microscopy allows us to study the genetic material inside the egg and gain many useful insights into why some eggs work and others do not.

“At IVFAustralia we currently use polarised light microscopy, particularly in couples who have experienced repeated failed IVF cycles, to observe the eggs during an ICSI treatment prior to injection of the sperm to potentially predict which ones will form a genetically normal blastocyst (the cluster of cells which the embryo arises from),” said Dr Kilani.

IVFAustralia’s leading clinical research program has been actively researching the value of polarised light microscopy for over 10 years with many important publications. 

Dr Kilani said last week’s presentation demonstrates Virtus Health’s priority in researching advances in technology and turning them into real developments that will help our patients to achieve that much-wanted pregnancy.

The training workshop titled “The use of Oosight® Imaging in the IVF lab”, aims to accelerate the uptake of this diagnostic technology. The workshop was hosted by Hamilton Thorne and organised by Hollywood International, in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday 4 October 2019.  

The workshop follows on from last year’s positive feedback when Dr Kilani presented a training workshop at the Pacific Society for Reproductive Medicine (PSRM) and the Association of Thai Embryologists (ATE) conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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