7 July 2011

UK IVF Lottery Program Gains Interest

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The reports of a new "To Hatch" UK IVF Lottery program in the media today demonstrates the lengths to which people who want a child may be prepared to go to fulfill their desire for a family.

"It's very unfortunate that this stunt has trivialised the emotions involved in trying to have a baby," said A/Prof Peter Illingworth Medical Director IVFAustralia.

"We need to remember one in six Australian couples may require some form of assisted reproductive technology help to conceive, which is a physically demanding and incredibly emotional journey,"

"We are very lucky in Australia that our Medicare system supports Australians needing to access the technically advanced IVF treatment.  The UK's NHS scheme is not as supportive and hence the cost of IVF treatment is considerably higher in the UK," he said.

"At all times respect and empathy should be the focus for people needing assistance to conceive."

IVFAustralia is not aware of any plans for such a program in Australia and is not involved in the UK program at all.

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