20 April 2012

The Health of IVF-conceived Children

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IVFAutralia's Medical Director A/Prof Peter Ilingworth reassures parents on the health of children conceived following IVF after media reports this week of a study recently carried out in Switzerland. 

"This very small Swiss study (carried out on just over a hundred children) reported some differences in laboratory cardiovascular function between IVF children and naturally-conceived children.  However, the numbers involved were very small and the actual health significance of the laboratory test results (that were carried out in healthy IVF children) remains unclear," said A/Prof Illingworth.

"Other, much larger, studies carried out on the long-term health of children after IVF have not, to date, found any long-term effects of having been conceived through IVF." he explained.

"We have known for some time that the incidence of health problems in a newborn child is a little higher in IVF children than in naturally conceived children (approximately 5% v. 3.5%).  However, we don’t know whether this is an effect of the IVF process or whether couples who have to use IVF are already at higher risk of this problem." said Illingworth.

"Clearly reports such as the Swiss study need further investigation.  However, on the basis of the presently available research, there is no reason for any parent to have serious concerns about the health of their IVF-conceived child." reassured Illingworth.

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