9 November 2012

Sperm donors shortages in New South Wales

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He said: “Sperm donations have been steadily declining for the last decade. We normally have around 15 to 20 donors at any one time, while demand usually requires 30 to 40 donors.

“One of the issues causing the shortages is a big growth in the need for donor sperm, and at the same time; donors have become a bit scared.

“This is because they now have to give their identity details to be provided to the child. Donors won’t be involved as a parent; but it does let the child know where they have come from which is really important.  Our experience is that some men are still willing to come forward because they want to help others start their families; or because they want to leave something of themselves in the world.

“We would really encourage men considering becoming donors to get in touch with us to discuss it further.  At IVF Australia, we have a dedicated and experienced donor team who provide guidance and support for donors, and recipients, throughout the process. We provide counseling to both sides on a compulsory basis to ensure they understand the social, ethical and legal implications.”


For further information please contact Hayley Dodman on 0420 958 296 or Nicole Phillips on 0408 280 499

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