5 November 2013

Sex, Fertility and Conception Myths Busted

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Typically most people spend their twenties and thirties focused on contraception without giving a thought to conception.

When couples finally start thinking about conceiving there are many common myths and misconceptions about how to fall pregnant that cause confusion.

One of IVFAustralia’s leading Fertility Specialists Associate Professor Bill Ledger said, “A surprising number of patients have a deep lack of understanding about sex, fertility and conception.”

“We estimate that around 15 per cent of women aged over 30 in the IVFAustralia patient cohort didn’t know when the right time in their menstrual cycle was to have intercourse to achieve conception.”

In an effort to bust some common fertility myths IVFAustralia held a free breakfast seminar, Fertility In The City, to help couples understand their pregnancy potential, now and in the future.

The expert speakers covered topics such as what you need to know about sex and your fertility, what influences your chances of falling pregnant, options available to single women and same sex couples and fertility preservation.

“We’re happy to take people back to basics if it will help them conceive when the time comes, even if that’s not right now”.

“An increasing number of women who haven’t met ‘Mr Right’ yet are expressing interest in preserving their fertility”.

“Many women do not consider freezing their eggs until it’s too late. Women in their early 30s who are undecided about having children should consider freezing their eggs now.”

Fertility In The City took place at Ivy Bar, George Street on 30 October at 7:30am with over 70 people in attendance.

“If a couple aged 35 years or older has been trying to conceive for six months or more, without success, they should seek medical advice. Couples aged 35 and under should seek advice after trying for 12 months.”

The most common fertility myths include:

  • The chances of conception are down to female factors alone;
  • The day a female ovulates is the sole day conception takes place;
  • Females coming off contraception should wait before trying for a baby in order to reset their bodies
  • People with good overall health, regardless of their age, will be able to conceive, naturally or with IVF;
  • Sperm becomes more ‘potent’ if it is stored up, and a man abstains from sex for a week or more;
  • Females must orgasm to fall pregnant;
  • A female can achieve pregnancy by lying on her back with her legs in the air after intercourse.

Learn more about fertility and the path to pregnancy at an IVF Australia free information evening.

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