9 October 2019

One in two women aged under 35 will achieve success

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Headlines from today’s media cover National Perinatal Statistics Unit annual report, regarding success rates for Australian IVF clinics

Today's results demonstrate that leading fertility clinics continue to offer real hope to the 1 in 6 Australian couples who need fertility assistance. Australia continues to lead the way – having the lowest regional rate of multiple birth deliveries in the world following IVF treatment because we continue to routinely only transfer a single embryo transfer.

“Our scientific skill and excellence means the quality of our embryo enables us to transfer with confidence one embryo and still achieve the outstanding pregnancy and birth rates for our patients at IVFAustralia," said Associate Professor Peter Illingworth, Medical Director IVFAustralia.

"While the national average demonstrates cumulative success rates  increase up to 5 cycles in our experience most patients will achieve their dream of a baby within 3 cycles. It is not common for women to undergo 5 or more cycles as most are either pregnant or have decided to stop treatment  before that point. However, there are women who make an informed choice in consultation with their fertility specialist  to continue treatment and some do fall pregnant. It really is a matter for individual consideration as so many other factors impact on whether a patient is going to continue treatment from their individual success rates, relationship support and financial situation," he explained.

The key is to consult a fertility specialist at our leading clinic about your individual chance and make an informed decision.

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