4 February 2020

IVFAustralia launch ‘Get Me Pregnant!’, a new podcast series

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Navigating your way through fertility facts and information when trying to get pregnant can be confusing. That’s why IVFAustralia, a member of Virtus Health, has teamed up with media company Mamamia to co-create ‘Get Me Pregnant!’, a series of 8 compelling and informative fertility podcasts.

Sue Channon, CEO of Virtus Health said we are really proud to launch our new podcast series and collaboration with Mamamia.

“Our goal was to compile the vast subject of pregnancy and fertility into a unique and captivating podcast series, brought to life by some of Virtus Health’s fertility specialists from our network of Australian clinics, comprising IVFAustralia, Melbourne IVF, Queensland Fertility Group and TasIVF.

“The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed, and for busy women, they are the perfect medium to allow for on-the-go-listening, making it easy for women to empower themselves with new knowledge.

“The ‘Get Me Pregnant!’ podcast series provides important advice on how to boost your chances of getting pregnant, how to understand your menstrual cycle and fertile window. It explores the range of fertility treatments, including the options before IVF. It takes a look at pre-IVF testing, IVF success rates and genetic testing.

“We also sensitively deal with some hugely emotive subjects, including stories from the heart from women who have experienced a pregnancy loss.

In the Modern Families episode, we share inspiring stories of women/couples who have decided to have a child through surrogacy or with the help of a sperm donor,” said Ms Channon.

The new ‘Get Me Pregnant!’ podcast series is crammed with expert advice and co-hosted by Mamamia’s straight-talking Rachel Corbett and Leigh Campbell.

Mamamia is a trusted brand and news source for many Australian women. Their popular podcasts are downloaded an average 1.3m times across their network every month.

Get Me Pregnant! will be available from Tuesday 4th February at mamamia.com.au/podcasts

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