15 June 2015

Endometriosis and Greater Risk Pregnancies

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Women with endometriosis are at an increased risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, according to results of a huge nationwide study of more than 14,000 subjects.

Moreover, women with a history of endometriosis whose pregnancies progressed beyond 24 weeks were found to be at a higher than average risk of complications, including haemorrhage (ante- and postpartum) and preterm birth.

Associate Peter Illingworth, Medical Director IVFAustralia said “I think these are important new findings.  It has long been known that women with endometriosis have difficulties getting pregnant.  In the past, it was always assumed that once they were pregnant, their risks were no higher than for any other woman.   However, these new findings show, in the largest study so far, for the first time, that women with endometriosis do face higher risks in their pregnancy.”

“In view of these findings, women with endometriosis should be warned that they face a higher than normal risk of complications in their pregnancy and that they require a  more intense level of antenatal care,” he concluded.

The study’s findings were presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology Annual Scientific Meeting (ESHRE) in Lisbon this week.

If you have concerns about pregnancy complications associated with endometriosis we encourage you to discuss these with your fertility specialist directly. 

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