27 February 2012

Endless Egg Discovery for Infertile Women

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IVFAustralia’s Medical Director A/Prof Peter Illingworth comments on this morning’s ground breaking news from Prof Jonathan Tilly, Massachusetts General Hospital Research team.

“We have long believed a woman was born with all the eggs she would have,” said Prof Illingworth.

“This research is scientifically significant, isolating egg-producing stem cells from the ovaries of reproductive age women is a fundamental breakthrough and changes the way we think about the ovaries and eggs.

“But any practical application of this research will be a "long way away,” said Prof Illingworth

“It offers hope in the future particularly for women whose ovaries have been damaged by chemotherapy or those who have undergone abnormally early menopause,” he said.

Associate Professor Illingworth said many women lose eggs quicker than others, so women of today should not rely on this technique to help them have babies for many years to come.

“Scientifically this is very exciting however like many things in the stem cell world it will take many years to come fruition.

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