The Low Down Series #4

Date: Thu 11 February 2021
Time: 7:00pm – 7:30pm

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Get the low down #4 on all things male fertility. 

The fireside chat includes some of Australia's leading minds when it comes to male fertility, Dr. Jeffrey Persson, Dr. Shadi Khashaba and Dr. Frank Quinn.

Our goal is for all men to have the knowledge before the need.

We understand that your fertility health can be hard to talk about. The open discussion will welcome all burning questions left unanswered from your sex-ed days. We believe the conversation shouldn't end there - so let's start talking about it.

Some topics we'll cover:

  • Understanding male fertility 
  • Common causes of decreased sperm counts
  • Key components necessary to achieve healthy sperm production and a pregnancy
  • Health and lifestyle factors that can improve male fertility health

Join a community of guys searching for knowledge before getting down to business. Because men’s fertility issues are more common than you think.