Religious and Cultural Specialists

Respecting your beliefs

At IVFAustralia, we understand that you may have specific concerns about fertility treatment, based on your religious beliefs or cultural background. So, we have specialists available to ensure we can provide you with a treatment plan that is acceptable to your faith or situation, ensuring assisted conception is accessible to all.

Jewish community

If you require supervised IVF that adheres to Halacha, IVFAustralia has fertility specialists experienced in treating patients of the Jewish faith.

Throughout this process, a Rabbi and qualified female supervisors witness every step of the IVF process, including laboratory and day surgery procedures. Your treatment is also co-ordinated to ensure that no laboratory or treatment processes take place on a Saturday.

IVFAustralia has fostered a strong collaborative relationship with Rabbi Ulman, one of Sydney's most respected Jewish authorities on halachically acceptable fertility treatment.

Muslim community

We will ensure that a female chaperone is always present when a female patient undergoes a clinical procedure with a male fertility specialist. We also have several fertility specialists from Islamic backgrounds who are familiar with the process around this request.

Catholic community

We appreciate the value of creating life, and some Catholic patients may choose to only create one embryo at a time, and we can make the appropriate arrangements for this. Our fertility specialists want to give you the best chance of success while respecting your faith, and so will discuss your options during your consultation.

Chinese community

Several of our IVFAustralia doctors speak Mandarin. If you and your family would be more comfortable with a Mandarin speaking fertility specialist, please let us know.  

For patients where English is not their first language, we are able to facilitate the services of an interpreter to translate important medical, counselling and administrative appointment consultations.

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