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IVF treatment can be challenging emotionally, and sometimes places strains on our relationships. At IVFAustralia our team of fertility counsellors are here to support you working closely with the nursing team throughout your journey. We encourage you to come and talk with us during your treatment.

It’s helpful to have someone really listen to you without giving ‘advice’, and be able to talk to someone you can be completely honest with.

There is also a wealth of information and resources available to patients that deal with various aspects of infertility. These are outlined below and include:
  • Educational leaflets
  • Reading and DVD Resource list
  • Referral service additional assistance.

IVFAustralia's Educational Leaflets



Managing the two week pregnancy test 'Waiting Period'

The unpredictable outcome of an IVF cycle can induce stress and may also trigger feelings of depression, particularly throughout the two-week wait leading up to a pregnancy test.

This leaflet incorporates tips on how to manage stress and anxiety throughout the two-week wait for the outcome of your IVF cycle.

Nurturing Your Relationship During Fertility Treatment

For couples who are have difficulties conceiving, and who are embarking on fertility treatment, they may lose focus of the reason they are in this situation in the first place – their relationship with the person they love. 

This leaflet looks at the experience from both a woman and a man's perspective, and discusses some positive strategies that can be employed to help stay focussed on what is important throughout this period.

Pregnancy Loss - Supporting Your Grief and Loss Journey

This leaflet focusses on the experience of pregnancy loss:

  • are my feelings normal?
  • family and friends
  • acknowledging your loss
  • sharing your thoughts and emotions

Coping with Other People's Pregnancies


For people struggling to conceive, it can be difficult to learn that friends around you are pregnant.  

This leaflet provides tips on coping stategies to help.

'I just want to be a Dad' Coping with couple infertility from a male perspective


The voices and thoughts of men are often missed, silent and forgotten when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. This leaflet summarises some of the experiences that men who have been through the IVF journey have now started to write about.

'Finally I'm Pregnant - why don't I feel fantastic?' Emotions in early pregnancy

 You have waited so long and worked so hard to fall pregnant so why are feelings like anxiety and fear clouding the joy and excitement you expected to be feeling.

Referral Services




ACCESS – infertility
ACCESS Australia is a consumer based, independent, non profit organisation committed to being a national voice in promoting the well-being and welfare of infertile people of all ages, through representation in the general community and in the medical, scientific and political arenas.


Counselling Services

Australian Psychological Society – Find A Psychologist Service.
If patients require the services of other specialist psychologists, they should be referred to the Australian Psychological Society ‘Find A Psychologist’ online referral service or by phoning the APS Referral Service on 1800 333 497.

ANZICA – Australia and New Zealand Infertility Counsellor’s Association
If patients require the services of an ANZICA accredited counsellor in another region or state, they should be referred to ANZICA. ANZICA has a network of professionally qualified Fertility Counsellors who practice throughout Australia and New Zealand and the information is at

Infertility Counsellors’ Referral Network
Patients may also be referred to the Infertility Counsellors’ Referral Network, which is managed by