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One in six couples experience trouble conceiving, and we are working towards a future where everyone in the community has the opportunity to create a family. Our Fertile Minds blog provides fertility related information authored by our leading minds from across the Virtus Health group. Here you can find the latest research, studies and fertility related information to help you understand fertility - from planning right through to treatment and technologies.

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Essential Oils and Pregnancy

22 March 2021

Essential oils are viewed as safe and natural, but recent research suggests some may be hazardous. Are essential oils safe if you're trying to conceive?
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Virtus Health

Clock image fertility

19 September 2020

Australian women are increasingly turning to egg freezing to protect their fertility
Dr Manuela Toledo

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Dr Manuela Toledo

Comparing IVF

15 August 2015

Do Asian & Caucasian women respond the same to IVF?
Dr Andrew Kan

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Dr Andrew Kan

complimentary therapy acupuncture

19 June 2014

Current study: Can acupuncture support IVF treatment?
a/prof gavin sacks

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Assoc. Prof. Gavin Sacks

Solemn woman drinking tea by the window

12 April 2014

The media is increasingly full of stories showcasing the latest 50 year old mum, or the celebrity who has undergone IVF.
Leita Fien

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Leita Fien

Will IVF children be as healthy?

21 February 2014

In 2007 a local Melbourne paediatrician approached me curious about whether girls conceived through In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and other Assisted Reproducti
A/Prof John McBain

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Assoc. Prof. John McBain

Embryologists looking at embryos with embryoscope

24 September 2012

Advanced Embryo Selection Increases IVF Pregnancy Rates
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Dr Leeanda Wilton