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25 January 2024

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This is how 1000 Australians knew they were baby ready

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Whether it was a late period that sparked excitement rather than dread, or you found yourself perusing the selection of baby onesies rather than the neighbouring chic leather goods, there’s a moment when you know you’re ready.

As innovators and world-leaders in baby-making we recently conducted a survey of 1000 Australians to learn more about what nudged them closer to parenthood. The findings unveil an array of insights into the behaviours, celebrations, and challenges that come in tandem with the decision to start a family – some might surprise you.

The magic moment

The path to feeling ‘ready’ is paved with many everyday moments like choosing to improve lifestyle (enjoying a soda water on the rocks instead of nursing a glass of pinot), suddenly paying attention to your cycle, noting cute potential baby names, and taking a look at your financials.

There are a few common moments of readiness, revealed in the recent survey. Almost half of the surveyed individuals (45.5%) realised they were ready for a baby when future decisions started revolving around expanding their family. Whether it was house hunting near the city’s best schools or seeking the idyllic family home, these tangible steps marked a significant shift in perspective for aspiring parents. An additional 30.5% found readiness when the once daunting idea of parenthood started feeling exciting rather than intimidating, while 22.7% were prompted by the joy of spending time with friends' kids, nieces, and nephews.

A cause for celebration?

As a society that’s prone to revelling in the celebration of life's milestones and romanticising everything from the amazing to the mundane on their Instagram story, the decision to become a parent is one that typically flies under the radar. Despite most survey respondents (58.4%) believing it's cause enough to pop the champagne, a surprising 47.3% admitted they didn't commemorate their decision at all. Notably, celebration rates were higher among Gen Z and Millennials (57.1%), compared to their older counterparts (48%) who may lean more conservatively. It seems that while Australians are quick to throw parties for engagements, gender reveals, fur-baby birthdays and property purchases, the decision to become a parent is a more intimate affair.

Normalising the ‘Readymoon’

Despite current trends, the majority of those surveyed (58.4%) believe that the moment they decide they are ready for a baby should be a moment of celebration. From honeymoons to babymoons, we’re starting to ask ourselves… why isn’t there a ‘readymoon’? As the leaders in fertility, we’re all about commemorating the moment you decide to start trying.  Whether it’s a special date night out, a weekend away or an excuse to throw a ‘last hurrah’ party, we hope that marking the date in a special way will encourage Australians to enter their journey with a conscious approach and take steps to get pregnant, rather than leaving it to fate.

Making moves

The survey also revealed that Australians are proving to be rather proactive in their approach to parenthood, although this varies widely. A staggering 100% of survey respondents shared that they were quick to make moves following their decision to try for a baby, with almost half (40.5%) getting to business within the same week, 23.4% within the same month, and 19% within the first year. This eagerness reflects a sense of determination and preparedness among those with baby fever.

Conscious lifestyle changes were relatively common, although lower than might be expected, with 35% abstaining from alcohol, 31.9% tracking ovulation, and 29.2% taking supplements. Interestingly, men were less likely to covet lifestyle changes, with fewer opting for healthier diets and supplements compared to women.

Reality check

While across the board, the desire for a baby is strong, the baby-making measures and preparation employed vary widely.  Surprisingly, a meagre 23.5% of respondents consulted a fertility specialist, and a mere 17.8% scheduled fertility tests. And, pre-conception genetic screening, a crucial consideration for hereditary conditions, was neglected by 68.2%.

Over a third (34.6%) found that in hindsight, conception was more challenging than initially anticipated.

What to do when you’re ready for a baby

We're here to provide you with support and guidance on your journey. If you have recently started trying (within the last 6 months), we suggest booking a few simple tests to help you gain valuable information about your fertility, to check where you stand – a semen analysis and AMH test. Learn more about what to do when you’re ready to conceive here.

The deeply personal and sometimes challenging journey to parenthood is one full of twists and turns known all too well by parents and those trying. Our survey has provided a window into the decisions, celebrations, and challenges Australians face when deciding to start a family. As we celebrate engagements, baby gender reveals, and property purchases, perhaps it's time to shine a spotlight on the decision to become a parent. Let’s acknowledge the courage and commitment it takes to embark on this remarkable journey, including perhaps giving up some of life’s little pleasures (i.e. caffeine, margaritas etc.) for a short time, and encourage taking conscious steps to your fertility journey.

Remember, we’re always here to help. If you’re in your ‘readymoon’ era, a few simple tests can provide you with insight into any potential fertility concerns, so you’re armed with information from the start. Simply give us a call on 1800 111 483 to get started.


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