Before Baby Week 2 Sex and Relationships

25 May 2023

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Physical and emotional intimacy

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Dr Terri Foran

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Communication is key: physical and emotional intimacy

We’ve all heard the relationship advice, ‘Communication is key!’ – but this becomes ever-more applicable when trying for a baby. Dr Terri Foran, a Sexual Health Physician, explains the importance of communication and how to keep connected to your partner as you begin this new journey to conceiving.

Listen to the quick podcast here, or read on below.

Sex is not just for making babies

It is a shared experience between partners that blends both physical and emotional intimacy. Keeping open communication as to what makes you both feel good and loved is so important and can take physical intimacy to a new level.

Keeping the sexual frisson alive is important in any long-term relationship

Even though the emphasis might seem to be on conceiving, this is actually a great time to practice your sexual communication skills. Think about ways you can get creative, like:

  • Sending each other an unexpected "sext"
  • Trying out things you haven’t done before- like role-play or games (as long as you both feel comfortable with this)
  • Leave a sexy ‘love-letter’ on their pillow

The good news is that the release of dopamine and testosterone that comes with fantasy and anticipation can also contribute to helping you conceive.

Don’t let guilt, worry and blame get in the way

When conception is taking longer than expected, it’s not uncommon for couples experiencing delay in pregnancy to lead to arguments or accusations. It’s important to give each other time to share thoughts and feelings so that you can be supportive of one another. And if it is taking longer than expected, be proactive and seek advice from a fertility specialist.

Understand when to give each other space

If communication does become strained in any given moment, sometimes just quiet understanding can make a huge difference. If someone needs some time out it can be important to give them the space to work through things on their own.

Schedules for sex may not be necessary

There is a common feeling that when you’re trying to conceive, you have to schedule sex at an exact time. But the reality is, if you have sex a few times a week, when you feel like it the most, this should be more than enough to get you pregnant. So if one partner isn’t feeling it at the exact same moment as you, it’s ok to let it go. There’s always tomorrow!

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