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20 September 2022

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$2000 IVF Rebates for NSW women

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Women in NSW undergoing IVF and accessing other assisted reproductive treatments will be given a one-off cash rebate of up to $2,000 to reduce treatment costs. This is an Australian first through the NSW Government 2022-23 Budget initiative.

If you have undergone an eligible procedure from 1 October 2022 with IVFAustralia, you will be able to submit a claim when the rebate scheme officially opens on the 1st of January.

What we know about the new NSW IVF rebate

  • It will commence on 1 October 2022, with the claimable period from 1 January 2023, so any treatment after 1st October, will be eligible in the claim. We recommend keeping all receipts to support your claim.
  • The rebate will be available to 12,000 NSW residents using private fertility clinics like IVFAustralia.
  • We strongly encourage you to claim as soon as you possibly can.
  • While you must be an NSW resident to claim, you can have your treatment outside of the state at IVFAustralia Canberra, or any of our other sister clinics across the country.

The fertility package will also:

  • Extend rebates for pre-IVF fertility testing.
  • Boost the number of fertility preservation services for patients with cancer and other medical needs.
  • Provide five days of paid fertility treatment leave for teachers, nurses, and other public servants.

Eligibility for the cash rebate includes:

  • you are an NSW resident
  • you are undertaking IVF or another fertility treatment in a private clinic
  • you have out-of-pocket costs from an accredited provider from 1 October 2022

The rebate is not available for those:

  • with an out-of-pocket cost associated with publicly supported lower cost IVF treatment 
  • patients who access services with the sole purpose to preserve their fertility
  • with no out-of-pocket costs

Patients can make multiple claims, up to a total value of $2000 per person. 

With the launch of the rebate on the 1 October 2022, we recommend starting your fertility journey today so once a Fertility Specialist has set your personalised fertility plan, you’ll be ready to claim the rebate once it is accessible. Details on how to claim this rebate will be released closer to the launch on the NSW Health website. 

We’ll keep you updated of the rebate criteria on our socials as and when the details are released.

To take advantage of this rebate, contact us today to book your first appointment.

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