Chromosome testing (Next Generation Sequencing)

What is pre-implantation genetic testing with next generation sequencing?

Next generation sequencing is a pre-implantation genetic testing technique that screens all 24 chromosomes in a developing embryo, enabling our scientists to select only embryos with a healthy chromosome profile to transfer.

There is no waiting list to access chromosome testing at IVFAustralia.

Who is next generation sequencing suitable for?

Chromosome testing by next generation sequencing is suited for couples or individuals where:

  • The woman is aged 38 or older
  • There is a history of recurrent miscarriage
  • There has been repeated IVF failure, for example 5 or more embryos have been replaced without success
  • There has previously been a chromosomally abnormal pregnancy (e.g. Down syndrome)

What is the process of chromosome testing by next generation sequencing?

Chromosome testing by next generation sequencing involves taking a few cells from a developing embryo for testing.

Next generation sequencing amplifies DNA from the cell’s nucleus by multiplying it many thousand of times before using sequencing technology to count the number of copies of each chromosome present in the cells from the embryo.

This allows the scientists to accurately detect chromosomal errors, so only an embryo with a normal chromosome profile is selected for transfer, increasing the chance of a successful pregnancy.

While the majority of biopsies are undertaken on Day 5 embryos, we have the flexibility to undertake the biopsy on any day during embryo development depending on the patient’s individual circumstances.

Is PGT with next generation sequencing always accurate?

Chromosomal testing by next generation sequencing is 95% accurate. This means that having a normal test result makes it highly likely that a resulting child will not have any chromosomal abnormality. However we strongly recommend that all our patients who conceive following pre-implantation genetic testing go through the normal process of antenatal testing.

How much does PGT with next generation sequencing cost?

An IVF cycle with pre-implantation genetic testing has three components of cost:

At IVFAustralia the cost of pre-implantation genetic testing with next generation sequencing is $750 per embryo biopsied with a maximum fee of $5250 for up to 7-10 embryos.*

There is no Medicare rebate associated with PGT Next Generation Sequencing. However, your final costs may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

If you have any questions about the cost of pre-implantation genetic testing with IVF Australia please phone 1800 111 483 or email us.

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*Additional fees may apply after 10 embryos*

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