Assisted Hatching

What is assisted hatching?

This is an optional treatment our patients ask us for information about but there is little scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this intervention.  

Assisted hatching is an advanced scientific technique that involves using a laser to gently thin the outer shell of the egg (called the zona). In some cases, particularly in older women, it is thought that the thickness of the outer shell (zona) can impede implantation. If the embryo can ‘hatch’ out of the shell more easily, it may have a better chance of implanting inside the uterus.

Who is assisted hatching suitable for?

If you’re over 38 years of age and have had an unsuccessful IVF treatment cycle, your fertility specialist may recommend using Assisted Hatching on your next cycle.

How much does assisted hatching cost?

Assisted hatching will cost $300 in addition to the cost of an IVF/ICSI treatment cycle and is not covered by Medicare.

Find out more about assisted hatching

To find out more about assisted hatching or other advanced scientific techniques that may improve your chances of conceiving please come to a free information night or book an appointment with a fertility specialist.

Appointments are available within the next couple of weeks and will cost approximately $150 for a couple after the Medicare rebate.