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The Patient Portal is exclusively made available to IVF Australia patients, to allow them to share their experiences and support each other through their fertility treatments.

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This section of the IVF Australia website is made exclusively available to GPs, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

For more information, please contact us.

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Infertility & IVF

Dr Christos Venetis

Christos is a highly regarded fertility specialist and gynaecologist with an international reputation.

Dr Iris Wang

Sincere, caring & knowledgeable, Iris is an expert obstetrician, gynaecologist and fertility specialist.

Dr Thilee Sivananthan

Thoughtful & caring, with fertility, obstetrics & gynaecology expertise, Thilee is popular with the Sri Lankan community.

Dr Gavin Kemball

Providing reassuring expertise and a personal approach, Gavin specialises in IVF and gynaecology.

Dr Juliette Koch

With a detailed and thoughtful approach to fertility & gynaecology, Juliette is highly regarded in her field.

Dr Michele Kwik

Michele is thorough and caring, with a highly personalised approach for her patients.

Dr Marcela Martin

Marcela's special interests are recurrent miscarriage, PCOS, menstrual disorders & obstetrics and she speaks Spanish.

Dr Louise Fay

Louise offers individualised treatment options for infertility, gynaecological disorders & fertility preservation.

Dr Andrew Hedges

With over 20 years experience, Andrew advocates an holistic approach to fertility treatment.

Dr Steve Raymond

Caring and highly regarded, Steve has more than 25 years experience managing obstetric and gynaecological conditions.

Dr Denise Nesbitt

Denise offers continuing care from conception to birth, from a uniquely female perspective.

Dr Susan Winspear

Susan offers a breadth of experience, having practised Women's Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnosis throughout Australia.

Dr Manny Mangat

Manny has a proactive, thorough and holistic approach to patient care.



Dr Seema Mohiuddin

Seema is a fertility specialist, obstetrician and gynaecologist with many years of experience. 

Dr Peter Leung

Knowledgeable, honest and professional, Peter has subspecialty training in infertility and speaks Cantonese & Mandarin.

Dr Wafa Samen

Experienced & caring, Wafa has over 20 years' specialist experience and speaks Arabic & Turkish.

Dr Robert Lahoud

Rob is a fertility specialist with extensive clinical experience in PCOS, renowned for his caring approach & bedside manner.

Dr Frank Quinn

Informative and thoughtful, Frank is highly experienced with particular interests in male infertility & oocyte donation.

A/Prof. Gavin Sacks

Innovative & highly respected, Gavin is known for his research in the area of recurrent miscarriage and Natural Killer Cells.

Dr Ric Porter

Honest, down to earth and reassuring, Ric is an expert in fertility and obstetrics and is renowned for his approachability.

A/Prof. Peter Illingworth

As IVFAustralia's Medical Director, Peter is vastly experienced and caring, and is internationally regarded.

Dr Andrew Kan

Andrew is a caring fertility specialist with a reputation throughout Australasia. He speaks Mandarin & Cantonese.

Dr Michael Costello

Internationally renowned for his expertise in PCOS, Michael is an experienced specialist offering a personalized approach.

Dr Chandra Krishnan

Kind & attentive, Chandra has special interests in endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery, infertility & high-risk pregnancies.

Prof. William Ledger

A widely-published specialist with an international reputation, Bill is known for his approachability & clinical prowess.

Prof. Michael Chapman

A leader in the field, Michael is supportive from day one to delivery. He is also a keen and well-reputed patient advocate.

A/Prof Graeme Hughes

One of the most experienced fertility specialists in Australia, Graeme is well regarded and highly respected.

Dr Jeffrey Persson

Knowledgeable & understanding, Jeffrey is a leading fertility specialist with particular expertise in vasectomy reversal.

Dr Raewyn Teirney

Empathetic, attentive and expert, Raewyn has a special interest in endometriosis & menstrual disorders.

Dr Malcolm Tucker

Friendly & caring, Malcolm is an ART industry pioneer who has gone on to mentor others in the field. 

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