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27 February 2012

Stem cells in the ovary which continue to create immature eggs throughout adulthood could offer hope in the future for women whose ovaries have been damaged.

5 February 2012

IVFAustralia supports the Australian scientific community's investigation into mitochondrial mutations to eradicate serious illness in children.

16 December 2011

IVFAustralia will commence a PCOS clinic at its Western Sydney Clinic in Mons Road, Westmead starting this month.

2 December 2011

Give your spare embryo away to help others.

11 November 2011

Couples who have repeated miscarriages and men with severe sperm problems, have been given renewed hope of having their own biological children.

9 November 2011

IVF treatment has become more popular and successful, with a rising trend of single instead of multiple births.

26 September 2011

Two sets of twins 2,000 miles apart with the same sperm donor in common meet up.

11 September 2011

Doctors are concerned over IVF twin births, saying multiple births carry greater risks to the mother and children.

11 September 2011

Only one in 100 women older than 44 who use assisted reproduction technology deliver a live baby, the latest data for Australia and New Zealand shows.

7 July 2011

UK IVF lottery show just how far people are willing to go for a baby.

24 May 2011

IVFAustralia welcomes the Supreme Court ruling allowing Ms Edwards access to her deceased husband’s sperm.

28 April 2011

IVFAustralia's counselling team has developed a tip sheet to help couples and woman cope with Mothers day.

11 March 2011

VFAustralia has launched an advertising campaign to encourage more men to donate sperm to help couples and single women.

7 January 2011

IVFAustralia has launched an advertising campaign to encourage more men to donate sperm to help couples and single women to realise their dream of parenthood.

21 October 2010

IVFAustralia scientists are in the final stages of validating the new method of comprehensive screening of IVF eggs and embryos.

19 February 2010

Women considering IVF and other fertility treatments as AMH levels are seen as a good predictor of IVF success.