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24 May 2014

A national survey revealed more than half of respondents had surprising misconceptions about the impact of age on a woman’s fertility.

12 May 2014

At IVF Australia we recognise the distress that past anonymous sperm donation practices have caused.

19 March 2014

Recent article raises concern over the overuse of IVF in cases of subfertility and unexplained fertility.

23 January 2014

IVF Australia announced today they are an Official Supporter of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2014.

28 November 2013

There was a recent media report that cast doubt on the value of the Anti Mullerian Hormone blood test.

18 November 2013

It is always a difficult decision to know when enough is enough. There are a number of factors that should guide you in your decision.

5 November 2013

Typically most people spend their twenties and thirties focused on contraception without giving a thought to conception.

2 September 2013

Melbourne IVF together with the Royal Women’s Hospital announced the world’s first pregnancy from ovarian tissue grafted in the anterior abdominal wall.

19 May 2013

The Embryoscope combines an incubator, a microscope and a time-lapse camera to provide IVF specialists with a continuous record of an embryo’s development.

24 April 2013

Sir Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe ere the IVF pioneers achieving the most significant advance in the history of reproductive medicine through IVF.

7 February 2013

Professor Michael Chapman comments on the findings of a British study released this week.

4 December 2012

Associate Professor Peter Illingworth, comments on the process involved in egg donation in Australia.

14 November 2012

IVFAustralia welcomes American Society for Reproductive Medicine announcing its position to lift the ‘experimental’ label from egg freezing.

10 November 2012

Associate Professor Gavin Sacks, IVF Australia, explains the treatment approach behind the ‘Bondi Protocol’.

9 November 2012

Associate Professor Peter Illingworth, comments on a shortage of sperm donors in New South Wales.

29 October 2012

Professor Michael Chapman comments on the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report, Assisted reproductive technology in Australia and New Zealand.

17 June 2012

The results of the first randomised study into a form of PGD has found it increases the pregnancy rates in IVF patients.

7 May 2012

Medical Director of IVFAustralia Peter Illingworth comments on The University of Adelaide's study.

20 April 2012

VFAutralia's Medical Director A/Prof Peter Ilingworth reassures parents on the health of children conceived following IVF.

31 March 2012

IVFAustralia's response to Victorian Parliament Law Reform Committee's Final Report on the Inquiry into Access by Donor-Conceived People to Information