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24 May 2019

International medical and scientific community interest is growing in the innovative Australian technology which uses artificial intelligence.

24 January 2019

Research published shows that carrying out an endometrial scratch a month prior to embryo transfer,

11 October 2018

New data has been presented on the predictive value of the new artificial intelligence tool, Ivy.

27 September 2018

We’re proud to announce a new partnership between Virtus Health and Business Chicks, the country’s largest and most influential community for women.

15 August 2018

IVFAustralia welcomes the research to be conducted by Professor Robert McLachlan, of the Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

3 July 2018

IVFAustralia’s Liza Tilia, PGD supervisor/Senior Embryologist presented results of a study about using polarised light to select eggs to develop an embryo

27 June 2018

Innovative Artificial Intelligence tool pioneered by IVFAustralia's scientists to increase success rates in IVF pregnancies

27 November 2017

Our experience is that providing the child with clear information about their genetic origins is a critical part of the welfare of the child and family.

21 November 2017

This study is not consistent with a significant database of existing studies of IVF single embryo transfer where effects on preterm birth rate are very small.

12 September 2017

In response to media reports this week we would like to make it clear that the Virtus Health fertility specialists are leaders in their field.

30 June 2017

Proudly supporting LGBTQI families.

19 January 2017

Medical Directors from irtus Health temper the media’s suggestion that ‘Hope renewed for infertile women’ due to poppy seed oil ‘cleaning' fallopian tubes.

15 November 2016

IVFAustralia welcomes and supports the ACCC’s review of information provided by Australian fertility clinics on IVF success rates.

11 August 2015

In an Australian first, two families have delivered healthy babies on the same day one in Melbourne the other Sydney conceived using karyomapping.

16 June 2015

A nationwide analysis of more than 8000 ART children finds no difference in educational test scores.

15 June 2015

Women with endometriosis are at an increased risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, according to results of a huge nationwide study of 14,000+ subjects.

4 February 2015

The aim of any research in this area would be to remove defective genes and replace them with healthy DNA from a donor.

17 November 2014

In an Australian first, Virtus Health comprising Melbourne IVF, Queensland Fertility Group and IVFAustralia has introduced karyomapping.

6 November 2014

Prof Michael Chapman reinforced the message that Australia is a world leader in safe IVF as fertility specialists focus on single embryo transfers.

18 August 2014

All our donor programmes are based on the principle of openness and respect the right of every individual who has been conceived following treatment.