18 November 2013

How long should I continue with IVF?

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It is always a difficult decision to know when enough is enough.  There are a number of factors that should guide you in your decision.  

  • How old are you?  
  • How has the IVF been going?
  • How are you coping with it, physically, financially and emotionally.

There has recently been some press coverage around the suggestion that the success rates are very low after five cycles of IVF.  In August 2013 the UNSW's National Perinatal Statistics Unit released the cumulative rate of success of having a baby following multiple IVF treatment cycles. Over the weekend there was further coverage on the criticisms of this study’s findings.  

With each cycle that goes past, the success rate in the next cycle is indeed slightly lower than in the previous one.  However, a miscalculation in the original report resulted in an exaggeration of this effect. The data, which has just been re-released, shows that the success rate in a woman's fifth cycle, while lower than the first cycle, are still at 70% of the success rate of the original cycle.

It is therefore critical that, when making vital decisions about your future, that you consider the details of your own situation, in discussion with your specialist.

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