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Find out more about our latest news below, including medical breakthroughs in fertility treatment and case studies.

You can also find out more about new developments at IVFAustralia through our Blog, or our Research Projects page.

Women of Western Sydney find help for PCOS

IVFAustralia will commence a PCOS clinic at its Western Sydney Clinic in Mons Road, Westmead starting this month.

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Solution to the problem of infertility: give away your spare embryos

Read the original story published in the Sydney Morning Herald here >>

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Digital High Magnification helps overcome male infertility

Couples who have repeated miscarriages and men with severe sperm problems with failed IVF attempts behind them, have been given renewed hope of having their own biological children with the introduction of an advanced technique allowing scientists to select the best sperm for use in IVF.

IVFAustralia has developed the ground-breaking new technology, known as Digital High-Mag that creates novel digital images of individual sperm cells at 7,300 magnification allowing scientists to detect damage to the DNA in sperm.

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IVF treatment more popular in Australia

by Evelyn Yamine

IVF treatment has become more popular and successful, with a rising trend of single instead of multiple births.

But the assisted reproductive technology in Australia and New Zealand 2009 report, to be released today, also showed the success rate for older women is still low.

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Two sets of twins 2,000 miles apart with the same sperm donor in common meet up

by Brad Hunter

Babies have been conceived using sperm banks for years. But what happens when one donor's offspring decide to meet up?

Twins Jonah and Hilit Jacobson love sushi and bite their nails. Over 2,000 miles away, twins Jesse and Jayme Clapoff also love sushi and chew their nails.

All four teens look ­incredibly similar with the same brown hair, full mouth and great athletic ability. A coincidence? Not at all.

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Dubble bubble: doctors concerned over IVF twin births

by Julie Robotham

WHEN her pregnancy scan revealed two tiny heartbeats, Melinda van Leeuwen felt mostly relief. ''My first thought was, 'I'm glad it's not triplets','' said the 39-year-old, who was already the mother of a toddler.

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Older women miss out on IVF births

by Sue Dunlevy | The Australian

ONLY one in 100 women older than 44 who use assisted reproduction technology deliver a live baby, the latest data for Australia and New Zealand shows.

Fertility Society of Australia president Peter Illingworth said the increasing age of women undergoing ART was leading to a decrease in live delivery rates.

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UK IVF Lottery Program Gains Interest

The reports of a new "To Hatch" UK IVF Lottery program in the media today demonstrates the lengths to which people who want a child may be prepared to go to fulfill their desire for a family.

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Landmark case to access deceased husband's sperm applauded

IVFAustralia welcomes the Supreme Court ruling allowing Ms Edwards access to her deceased husband’s sperm and wishes her all the best in her quest to have the child she desires.

Media interest around this case has prompted questions from many about this tragic situation.

As reported in the media NSW Supreme Court Justice Robert Allan Hulme has granted Ms Edwards entitlement to the sperm of her late husband Mark Edwards who died in a workplace accident on August 5 2010, the day before he and Jocelyn Edwards were due to sign consent forms to begin IVF treatment.

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Tips for coping with Mothers Day

IVFAustralia's counselling team has developed a tip sheet to help couples and woman cope with Mothers day.

IVFAustralia’s counsellor, Cherie Borosh, explains that special days and celebrations can be particularly hard for people trying to conceive.

 “There are things people can do to help them cope with feelings of loss, disappointment, frustration or even anger.  Simple strategies such as keeping active or doing something special with your partner can really help”, Cherie explains.

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