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Find out more about our latest news below, including medical breakthroughs in fertility treatment and case studies.

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Virtus Health Australia’s leading Fertility group delivers patient care


In response to media reports this week we would like to make it clear that the Virtus Health fertility specialists are leaders in their field as a consequence of the care they provide to their patients. Our specialists are medical practitioners first and foremost who are driven by their desire to treat patients in the complex and rewarding field of infertility.  Our doctors build their practices on the basis of their professional reputations for providing good advice and care to patients.

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Australian marriage equality



“Virtus Health believes that everyone should be treated equally and have the right to marry the person they love. As an organisation which has a long standing commitment to helping people grow their families, regardless of their sexuality, we consider it time for inclusivity and equality for all Australians. ”

Sue Channon, CEO, Virtus Health

IVFAustralia is a member of Virtus Health.

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Poppy seed oil attracts undue media attention


Medical Directors from the country’s largest specialist fertility group Virtus Health temper the media’s suggestion that ‘Hope renewed for infertile women’ due to a poppy seed oil ‘cleaning of fallopian tubes.

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Welcomed: ACCC involvement in ensuring information for IVF patients is clear


IVFAustralia as part of Virtus Health, Australia’s leading group of fertility clinics, welcomes and supports the ACCC’s review of information provided by Australian fertility clinics on IVF success rates.

The ACCC wrote to fertility clinics across the country asking for a review of website content to ensure consumer understanding as there was a diverse way results were presented. ‎

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The first Australians to use Karyomapping genetic testing - deliver healthy babies on same day in different states


In an Australian first, two families have delivered healthy babies on the same day one in Melbourne the other Sydney conceived using karyomapping, a new pre-implantation genetic test based on the use of DNA fingerprinting to identify defective genes, introduced in Australia in November 2014 by Virtus Health (comp

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