IVFAustralia Lite

An IVFAustralia Lite cycle is approx. $1550 out of pocket for an initial cycle and $770 for a subsequent IVF cycle.

IVFAustralia is committed to helping patients achieve their dream of having a family. 

We have developed a Lite IVF programme that uses a simplified protocol and fewer fertility medications than a full stimulation IVF cycle which reduces the financial pressures associated with IVF.

By working together, our highly experienced team of fertility specialists, nurses and scientists can provide a simplified approach to IVF treatment whilst still maintaining high quality care and the highest embryology laboratory standards to ensure your best chance of success.

Whether it’s your first IVF cycle or a second opinion from an unsuccessful cycle at another clinic, IVF Australia offers both the full service IVF treatment and a lite model with IVFAustralia Lite to help you on your path to pregnancy.

How do we make IVFAustralia Lite more affordable?
  • We have a dedicated in-house Fertility GP who can assist in the diagnosis
  • By using fewer fertility medications to gently stimulate the ovaries
  • Egg collections are performed under local anaesthetic, with light sedation removing the requirement for day hospital admission
  • Having our experienced fertility specialists consult on a rotational basis which means you won’t always see the same specialists at your procedures
  • Experienced fertility nurses supporting you throughout your treatment
  • Providing a simplified laboratory process that, while effective, will not be applicable to more complex fertility problems. Please note that PGD, donor or surrogacy services are not available through the IVFAustralia Lite program.
What is the cost?

Below is an indication of the out of pocket prices you can expect to pay for a Lite IVF cycle. These costs are your final expenses after receiving the Medicare rebate on your IVF cycle. Only Australian residents are eligible for the Medicare rebate. Your individual circumstances including Medicare rebates, tax benefits, concessions and the Medicare Safety Net will affect your overall IVF cycle fees. 

Out of pocket costs Medicare Safety Net not met Medicare Safety Net met HCC* & Medicare Safety Not Met HCC* & Medicare Safety Met
Initial Lite IVF cycle $1,553 N/A $722 N/A
Initial Lite ICSI cycle $1,689 N/A $790 N/A
Subsequent Lite IVF cycle N/A $771 N/A $454
Subsequent Lite ICSI cycle N/A $690 N/A $483

The treatment cycle costs cover all aspects of treatment, including specialist/nursing consultations, ultrasound scans, blood tests, standard laboratory scientific techniques, ongoing supportive counselling (while on treatment), embryo transfer procedure, pregnancy test and early pregnancy care support.

Health Care card holders (HCC)

If you are eligible for a healthcare card, the out of pocket costs for treatment are significantly lower as the Medicare safety net thresh hold for healthcare card holders is is a lot lower. The above table outline the out of pocket costs for a healthcare card holder.

Medication costs are not included in the above - In line with all other prescription medications, the medications you require for fertility treatment will incur an additional cost. These medications are ordered through a pharmacy, and will be delivered to your clinic prior to your fertility treatment commencing. 

Where is IVFAustralia Lite located?

This new treatment offering is available through our Castle Hill clinic:

Suite 4/15 Terminus St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

IVF procedures will take place at our Liverpool location.   

Fertility assessment

You can make an appointment to see our dedicated fertility specialists who will determine your suitability for this treatment.

During your first appointment, the Fertility Specialist will assess your medical history. Further investigations, such as blood tests, semen analysis or ultrasound tests, may be required. Your first appointment has an out of pocket fee of approx. $127.

Do I need a GP referral for IVFAustralia Lite?

Yes, you will need a referral from your GP so that you can claim your rebates from Medicare. Please download referral form here and take this to your GP.

Please bring your referral in both names if you are a couple in order to get the full Medicare rebate.

Who is eligible for IVFAustralia Lite?

Through your initial appointments and fertility screening your eligibility for the Lite IVF programme will be assessed depending on your medical history and results.

We do not treat complex fertility issues such as those couples requiring donor sperm or for women aged 46 or over but can treat these patients through IVFAustralia.

Is there a BMI upper limit for IVFAustralia Lite?

A healthy BMI range is between 18.5 to 24.9 for young and middle-aged adults.

Under our lite IVF model, we can only treat women with a BMI up to 35.

We recommend speaking to our dedicated fertility GP if you have any concerns. 

For more information

Contact our information line where our experienced team can answer your questions in relation to Lite IVF and related treatment costs, the Medicare rebate, payment plans, and Health Fund rebates.

Phone 1800 111 483 or submit an enquiry form below