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Using IVF to overcome male infertility

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It took six years and two IVF cycles but their dream finally came true Lane, 32 and her husband Cliff, 33, conceived their beautiful baby boy, Paxton now 18 months old.

“It’s funny, you just don’t think you’ll have fertility problems, well I certainly didn’t think I would. I am 1 of 4 siblings, my mother had no dramas conceiving, there are no problems with infertility in my family history, so it wasn’t something I thought about – ever,” said Lane.

In 2008 Lane & Cliff were happily married, living in their own home and working in their dream jobs. “I have always been a planner, and my life was no different, I knew the steps my life was going to take and I wanted children but I was in no hurry to have them. As far as my life plan went - we were on track.”

After trying to conceive naturally for two years, they were referred to IVF Australia for tests. “We were both so excited to do something rather than keep doing something that didn’t seem to be working. The specialist explained that the first thing to do is to test the male, it’s the easiest and the quickest thing to do, whereas women can have a multitude of testing in a large amount of different areas, it gets really complicated so they try to rule out the man first.”

“We were told that Cliff had low sperm count and a low sperm mortality and mobility rate. It could be the reason why we were struggling to conceive. This is where IVF become our next step”

“Within a few months of seeing a doctor we were on our way and having our first round of IVF. In our first cycle we had 4 viable embryos left at the 5 day mark (out of 10). We had one embryo put back in and 3 embryos were frozen. Of those 4 none took, so we had to start the whole process again. I should say, in between these 4 embryos we started to question whether I had any issues. So I had numerous tests and scans done. They told us nothing. To this day we still believe the only factor lessening our chances of conceiving is a low sperm count.”

Lane and Cliff successfully conceived on their second IVF cycle. “I remember the day so well. I stopped to answer the phone and our IVF nurse, told me I was pregnant. I swear I screamed for about 30 minutes and cried tears of joy the entire way home. The emotion you get from this process can make the toughest people crumble, but that feeling you get when you find out you did it – no words.“

“In July 2013 we gave birth to a very perfect baby boy. The overall experience was emotional and challenging, however, I always felt supported and looked after. No one wants to have to do IVF, but I am so grateful to be in the position and to live in a world where we had the option.“

“Having a baby should be one of the most natural and free things we as humans do. I thought maybe I just wasn’t meant to have a baby, but I’m so grateful that we did,” said Lane.

Male infertility affects up to half of all couples having trouble conceiving. Fortunately most common causes of male infertility are easily diagnosed and most can be treated or overcome to help a couple conceive. Find out more...

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