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Improve your chances of conceiving and join IVFAustralia’s free 4 week fertility program. Developed by Australia’s leading fertility specialists this program will guide you on your path to pregnancy.

How does it work?

Each week you will receive an email with expert advice that will help you understand your fertility and improve your health, lifestyle and relationship.

  • Learn the facts about fertility from our leading fertility experts including what can affect it and how to maximise your chances of conceiving
  • Get weekly inspiration from nutritionist, Melanie McGrice on how to incorporate important nutrients into your diet, that will help prepare your body for pregnancy.
  • Train with the BUF Girls and improve your fitness from the comfort of your own home, with exclusive online HIT sessions.
  • Tune in with relationship expert, Dr Nikki Goldstein, for guidance on maintaining a healthy relationship while trying to conceive.

The 4-week fertility program started on January 15th. You can still sign up now and you’ll receive all emails to date and any future emails.

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Week 1:

Ovulation, your menstrual cycle & timing
  • How to calculate your fertile window
  • Timing and frequency of intercourse
  • Ovulation tests
  • The importance of folate
  • Enjoying your sex life when trying to conceive

Week 2:

Preparing your body for pregnancy
  • Diet and lifestyle tips
  • Complementary therapies
  • Effect of age
  • Swapping carbs for wholegrains
  • Strengthening your relationship emotionally and psychologically

Week 3:

Common fertility issues
  • Common female fertility conditions
  • Common male factor fertility issues
  • Simple fertility tests
  • Optimising protein intake
  • Having tough conversations and how to discuss issues with your partner

Week 4:

When pregnancy is taking longer than expected
  • How long does it usually take to fall pregnant?
  • Questions to ask your GP
  • When and where to seek help, if needed
  • Embracing good fats
  • Facing challenges together and overcoming obstacles

Need a fertility friend?

During this program you can head to our private Facebook group and chat with others who are trying to conceive. Hearing the experiences of other people on a similar fertility journey can be an invaluable source of support and encouragement.

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Webinar with our Fertility Specialist

At the end of the program, on Feb 8th, we’ll hold a live webinar where you can receive expert advice if you’re having trouble falling pregnant, and where you can ask our fertility expert questions directly.

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