Egg Freezing for Future Fertility

Elective egg freezing (or social egg freezing) costs $4,490. 

If you want to have a child in the future, but are not in a position to become pregnant right now, then choosing to freeze your eggs may help you to conceive in the future - once you’re ready to start a family.

IVFAustralia Canberra offers egg freezing for medical and social reasons. 

Who might consider egg freezing?

As women age they have fewer eggs and freezing becomes less beneficial as only a small number of eggs may be collected following ovarian stimulation. Fertility preservation for non-medical or social reasons is most effective in women under 35 because fertility begins to deteriorate after this age.

Frozen eggs may be stored for many years without significant deterioration. If you choose to freeze your eggs, when you are ready to use your eggs, they are warmed, and then fertilised with sperm. The aim is for the fertilised egg to develop into an embryo, which can then be transferred into the woman’s uterus giving you a chance of pregnancy.

What is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a method of storing a woman’s unfertilised eggs to allow her to try to conceive at a later date. This fertility treatment is performed by a fertility specialist.

What is the egg freezing process?

To obtain eggs for freezing, a woman will usually have hormonal stimulation for 10-12 days, enabling a number of eggs (usually 6-15) to mature. The stimulation medications are self-administered by a daily injection using a pen device with a small needle. Patients are taught how to do this in an instructive introductory consultation. The injections can make women feel a little bloated but there are no frequent side effects and you can carry out all normal activities throughout the period of stimulation.

The next step is the egg collection. The eggs are then retrieved from your ovaries under light general anaesthetic or with sedation. Once in the laboratory, the eggs undergo a freezing procedure called vitrification. Once vitrified, eggs may be stored for many years.

When you are ready to use the eggs, they are thawed, fertilised with sperm and then allowed to develop in the laboratory for 3-5 days before being transferred back into the uterus.

Success rates for egg freezing

The expected success of the procedure can be determined from an initial assessment of the ovarian reserve, via a blood test (Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)) and an ultrasound to count the number of antral follicles.

Success rates vary for different women so it is not possible to give precise figures for the chance of pregnancy after freezing, we would expect a stimulated cycle would result in the collection of 10-15 eggs (10-20 eggs in women younger than 35).

Costs for egg freezing
Egg freezing cycle$4,490
First 6 months storageFree
After 6 months$250 (or $500 per 12 months) ongoing
MedicationFrom $1,500
Watch one of our specialists talk egg freezing

You might have a top-shelf full of anti-aging products so what can you do when it comes to your fertility? Dr Raelia Lew talks about freezing eggs.

Egg freezing

Where can I go for my egg freezing next steps?

IVFAustralia Canberra offers egg freezing for medical and social reasons.

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