Victory Yoga's Fertility Flow

This week's flow will help increase fertility, release stress and improve overall wellbeing.

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Trying to start a family? Give these poses a go.

In past weeks our yoga moves have focused on different areas of the body, but this week’s moves are an all-over experience. 
“These poses have been specifically chosen to help increase fertility, release stress and improve wellbeing overall,” says yoga instructor Valerie Saindorn.  “Remember to stay present and take deep breaths through the nose as you move from one pose to the next.”


This is a strong and powerful pose to open the hips, shoulders, heart and chest. “It elongates the spine and helps improve posture by bringing the shoulders back,” says Valerie. “This pose will tone your legs and stimulate your core.”


"Tree pose is all about balance and calmness. It also improves your focus and concentration, Valerie says. “It will also help with pelvic mobility and strengthening the legs.”


This pose engages your core and stretches the side of the body. “Triangle is also great to tone your legs and give your hips a nice stretch,” Valerie says.