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The Patient Portal is exclusively made available to IVF Australia patients, to allow them to share their experiences and support each other through their fertility treatments.

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This section of the IVF Australia website is made exclusively available to GPs, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

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Sydney City - CBD

IVFAustralia’s Sydney CBD fertility clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the city above Wynyard railway station and provides consultation and monitoring services for patients living or working in Sydney’s CBD.

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The city clinic offers consultations with a wide variety of leading fertility specialists, so you can choose the specialist that’s right for you.

You’ll be able to receive the majority of your treatment at the clinic including blood tests, ultrasounds, bulk-billed cycle tracking and specialist male infertility care. 

If your Fertility Specialist is located at one of our other clinics you can still take advantage of our city fertility clinic for blood tests and ultrasound monitoring during treatment. Your results will be available to your doctor and nursing team that same day.

The clinic opens at 7am for blood tests and ultrasound monitoring.

Any day surgical procedures will be conducted at your choice of our Maroubra, Greenwich (Northern Sydney) or Westmead day surgery facilities.

Consulting from the Sydney CBD Fertility Clinic are Dr Jeffrey Persson (Clinical Director), A/Prof Graeme Hughes, Dr Michele Kwik, Dr Gavin Kemball, Dr Louise Fay, Dr Manny Mangat and specialist urologists Dr David Golovsky and Dr Shannon Kim.

Bulk Billed Ovulation Tracking

Have your menstrual cycle monitored to understand the most fertile time in your cycle. If you’re trying to fall pregnant, the timing of intercourse is critical. Our Sydney CBD fertility clinic carries out simple blood and ultrasound tests which detect an important hormone surge prior to ovulation. This will help you to plan when to have sex, to give you the best chance of natural conception. This service is bulk billed so won’t cost you anything.

Male Infertility

Under the careful guidance of fertility specialist Dr Persson, IVFAustralia’s city clinic is the centre of excellence for specialist male infertility care. Male factor infertility is often the result of a blockage, absence of tubes caused by injury or a vasectomy or low sperm quality or quantity which can be treated with male microsurgery or surgical sperm retrieval. Renowned for his surgical prowess and expertise in male physiology Dr Persson can provide exceptional care for couples with extreme male factor infertility or those considering vasectomy reversal.

Fertility Assessment

A simple fertility assessment can give you a clear picture of your reproductive health. Call 1800 111 483 to book an appointment with a fertility specialist at our Sydney CBD clinic. Appointments are available in the next couple of weeks and will cost approximately $150 with a $70 Medicare rebate.

02 8346 6868
Nurses direct line: 
02 8346 6856

Doctors from this practice

Dr Jeffrey Persson

Knowledgeable & understanding, Jeffrey is a leading fertility specialist with particular expertise in vasectomy reversal.

A/Prof Graeme Hughes

One of the most experienced fertility specialists in Australia, Graeme is well regarded and highly respected.

Dr Louise Fay

Louise offers individualised treatment options for infertility, gynaecological disorders & fertility preservation.

Dr Michele Kwik

Michele is thorough and caring, with a highly personalised approach for her patients.

Dr Gavin Kemball

Providing reassuring expertise and a personal approach, Gavin specialises in IVF and gynaecology.

Dr David Golovsky

David is a respected andrologist and urologist, providing treatment for extreme male factor infertility.

Dr Debra Kennedy

Dr Debra Kennedy directs the provision of evidence-based genetic services at IVFAustralia.

Dr Manny Mangat

Manny has a proactive, thorough and holistic approach to patient care.



Dr. Shannon (Hee Kyung) Kim

Shannon is an attentive urological surgeon dedicated to treating male infertility.

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